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Let’s get 2019 rolling together!

Let’s get into the real life struggles you are experiencing. Maybe the kind of things you can’t really talk about with anyone in your “real life.” I want to see you experience God’s victory, power, and provision in your life this year!

Let me know what’s on your heart.

Some general categories that are possibilities:

  • what godly men find attractive
  • dating
  • finding a godly guy
  • enjoying life without a guy
  • preparing for marriage
  • relationship skills
  • dealing with loneliness
  • myths about marriage
  • realistic expectations about guys/marriage
  • friendship issues with guys/girls
  • dealing with grief/relationship loss/breakups
  • finding joy in trials
  • dealing with suffering
  • struggles with parents/step-parents
  • handling conflict
  • the importance of modesty
  • what does godly femininity look like?
  • what does godly masculinity look like?
  • dealing with anxiety/fear/worry
  • handling discouragement/depression
  • overcoming insecurity
  • growing in Christ
  • how to connect with God in a quiet time
  • red flags in relationships
  • preparing to be a godly girlfriend/wife
  • contentment in the midst of uncertainty or a time of waiting
  • spiritual warfare
  • exercising the authority of Christ in your every day situations
  • how to be right with God if you have messed up
  • how to have a relationship with Jesus and know you are saved and eternally secure
  • preparing for sex in marriage and potential sexual issues in marriage
  • finding our identity in Christ and God’s Word rather than in worldly ideas
  • finding victory over self-hatred
  • purity
  • living a holy life
  • being filled with the Holy Spirit
  • shutting the door to demonic oppression
  • romantic relationships
  • people pleasing
  • perfectionism
  • how to have a deeper prayer life
  • how to get rid of spiritual poison and receive God’s healing
  • resentment/bitterness/unforgiveness
  • how to avoid making a guy/romantic relationships/engagement/weddings/marriage into a toxic idol in your heart
  • dealing with the stress of planning a wedding
  • overcoming addictions
  • understanding men
  • what speaks disrespect to guys and turns them off
  • what speaks respect to guys and draws them to you
  • taking your thoughts captive for Christ
  • the incredible value and blessing of womanhood and manhood
  • healing from our culture’s poisonous ideas about self, God, marriage, relationships, masculinity, femininity, children, and family
  • avoiding toxic relationships
  • how to say no when it is appropriate
  • gossip
  • recognizing and stopping dysfunctional ways of relating
  • healing from parents’ ungodly examples
  • giving up control
  • overcoming anxiety/fear
  • finding spiritual rest
  • stopping negativity
  • thankfulness
  • adjusting tone of voice and body language
  • finding God’s will

I’d love to hear your suggestions! And if there is something I haven’t mentioned that you would like us to talk about, let me know. You can share in the comments or privately in the “contact me” page. I’ll prayerfully decide which topics to write general posts about.

I can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store for us all in 2019.

May we build our lives on Him and seek to know and love Him more. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2


Much love!




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