People reveal a lot about their character if we are observant. Before you commit to marriage to a man, and preferably, before you even date/court him – it would be great to take some time just to get to know him. How does he relate to God? How does he relate to other people? How does he think about himself?

  1. He treats his parents and family (and your parents and your family) with respect, honor, and dignity.
  2. He doesn’t call people names, cuss, bad mouth others, or speak about inappropriate or vulgar things. He speaks respectfully about his ex, if he has one. He uses his words to build up, not to tear down.
  3. He wants to live for Jesus all on his own – in full submission to His Lordship. No one has to beg him to draw close to the Lord, to read his Bible, to go to church, or to pray.
  4. He is willing to take responsibility for his mistakes and wrongs and seeks to make things right.
  5. He is kind to children, the elderly, and animals.
  6. He uses his strength to help, provide for, defend, and bless those who are weaker than he is.
  7. He has a long fuse and doesn’t easily lose his temper.
  8. He believes God’s Word is the source of all truth and he knows God’s wisdom is much greater than his own.
  9. He honors God’s design for sex and treats all women with dignity and respect. He doesn’t degrade women by indulging in a porn addiction. He knows women are meant to be cherished, loved, and treated well, not abused or treated like disposable objects.
  10. He extends grace and is able to forgive and not hold onto grudges and bitterness.
  11. He has a strong work-ethic and is self-motivated to do his best at school/work.
  12. He is responsible with money and able to stick to a budget. He does not spend himself into debt.
  13. He knows his identity in Christ and doesn’t pridefully idolize himself, but he also doesn’t loathe himself and wallow in self-hatred. He thinks rightly of himself according to scripture.
  14. He loves for you to be happy and content – but he would rather offend you than offend the Lord. He won’t let you pressure him into anything sinful.
  15. He believes marriage is “till death do us part.”

PS – Many of these same qualities are things that we should be cultivating in our walk with the Lord, as well, as godly women. <3

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