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I have walked beside hundreds and hundreds of women on this journey. There are several telltale signs that I have noticed that I want to share with you. When I see these indicators beginning to unfold in someone’s life, it means that God is at work, opening her eyes and preparing her heart. It also means that things are about to get beautiful!

This is generally a progression that happens over time.

The woman (or man):

1. Stops blaming other people for, making excuses for, or justifying her sin and takes full responsibility for things she has done wrong.

2. Grieves over her sins, seeing just how great a debt she owes to Jesus and just how unimaginably holy God is and how He can’t tolerate any sin in His presence at all.

3. Wants God’s cleansing, healing, His new life, and a close relationship with the Lord.

4. Begins to grasp the overwhelming magnitude of the unconditional, divine love of Christ specifically for her and His goodness toward her, in spite of her sinful condition. Jesus left heaven and all of His glory in order to come rescue her, while she was still in rebellion against Him.

5. Humbles herself greatly before the Lord, realizing her total dependence on God’s provision.

6. Understands that only the perfect, finished work of Jesus on the cross can make her right with God in God’s sight. God counts all that Jesus did as if she did those things – when she receives the gift of Christ and His salvation. When God looks at her, He sees Jesus’ perfection.

7. Realizes that Jesus is the Greatest Treasure in the universe – and nothing else comes anywhere close to His worth. She is willing to give up everything to have Him. No sacrifice seems too great.

8. Desires to die to her old self – to her sinful nature, to her sinful desires, to her old human way of thinking, and to this world.

9. Receives her new identity in Christ and God’s truth about her new status.

10. Hungers for God, His Word, and the kingdom of God. Has a healthy spiritual appetite for confession of sin, prayer, reading the Bible, praising and thanking God, and fellowship with the Body of Christ.

11. Becomes teachable and ready to receive God’s truth, spiritual healing, and provision.

12. Wants to do whatever it takes to be as close as possible to God, not to earn salvation and not to try to get other things she wants, but just out of gratitude and love for the Lord – no matter the personal sacrifice involved. She wants to obey God – even if it means giving up previous priorities, time, money, sins, and completely changing her lifestyle to please the Lord.

13. Accepts Gods’ Word as truth rather than her feelings, past experiences, past teaching in her life, the culture, and personal perception/wisdom.

14. Seeks the Lord wholeheartedly even if no one else does, even if it is lonely. Even if her boyfriend, family, and friends don’t understand and don’t want to change like she does.

15. Desires God’s will far above her own, knowing there is no other place she would rather be.

16. Trusts God – or determines that she wants to learn to trust God – and has new-found faith that God’s way will be best. Her fears begin to melt away.

17. Knows that God is good and understands God’s character as He reveals Himself in the Bible.

18. Is willing to give up lies about God, others, and self and build her life on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and His truth alone.

19. Invites the Holy Spirit to have full control in her life. She yields fully to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She no longer wants her sinful nature to be in control, although she can still choose to act in the sinful nature. But now, she has the ability to choose to live in the Spirit! She begins to see the Fruit of the Spirit in her life.

20. Begins to experience the very divine love, grace, mercy of God for others in her life. She sees them with new eyes, with heavenly eyes. She can start to see their wounds and need for Jesus. And she can begin to extend the love, grace, and mercy of God that she received to others in every day life. She becomes a fruitful instrument for God’s Kingdom.


We can’t open anyone else’s eyes spiritually. We can’t even open our own eyes. We are totally dependent on Your Spirit to resurrect people’s souls from death to new life in Jesus. We invite You into this place and into each of our hearts. We invite You to breathe Your eternal and abundant Life into our souls. We invite Your Spirit to work in mighty ways and to bring salvation to many who didn’t know You before. And we invite You to continue Your good work, as You have promised You would, in those who know You already. We yield ourselves completely to Your Lordship! We long only for more and more of You – Your goodness, Your presence, Your love, Your healing, Your transformation for each of us to make us more like Jesus.

Thank You for the incredible gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank You for loving us so much more than we could ever comprehend! Give us eyes to see and ears to hear Your Words and Your love for us. Empower us to choose the narrow way that leads to Life.


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