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Lies Satan would love for us to embrace:

26. We should curse our bodies.
27. Men do not have feelings and don’t get hurt by us.
28. We are above correction.
29. If we serve enough, God will bless us in all the ways we want Him to.
30. A baby will fill the void that we realized a man can’t fill.
31. Respecting a man means we become robots.
32. God made a mistake when He made us.
33. The world would be better off without us.
34. Our sin isn’t really forgiven or we would have a man.
35. God’s commands are optional.
36. God only deserves our praise when He blesses us according to our wisdom.
37. A man’s temptations and sins are much worse than ours.
38. Men don’t need our prayers and they should say their own.
39. Begging God for something changes His will for our lives.
40. Lukewarm Christianity is attractive.

41. We have to compare ourselves constantly to each other because being content with our season in life is a myth.
42. We have to compete with other women because God couldn’t possibly have a will of His own for our life.
43. We have to compete with men because embracing our God-given gender and femininity is offensive.
44. We have it worse than men.
45. God loves men more because He gave them a different kind of authority in marriage and in church leadership positions.
46. It is okay to sting others with our words when we feel slighted.
47. Forgiveness is optional.
48. Christ’s sacrifice cannot cover our transgressions, but it can cover everyone else’s.
49. We are too much or not enough for our Savior or each other.
50. God dangles the carrot of a relationship in front of us because He enjoys exercising His power and watching us hurt.

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