by Lee Ann (a Christian single woman in her early 30s)

These are some tempting thoughts and lies the enemy would love for us to embrace so that he can get a foothold and then create a fortress for himself in our lives – destroying our fellowship with God and with others:

1. We must have angered God and we are being punished with singleness.
2. We have a right to be nasty to people when we are hormonal because we don’t have a man to point it out.
3. We deserve every single good quality different men have had that we met, because less-than-perfection is beneath us.
4. We will be more lovable if we become prettier.
5. Our bodies are the best way to attract a man.
6. Premarital sex isn’t bad if it is with a small number of men.
7. All men are like our father (good or bad).
8. Our brothers in Christ deserve our respect only if we’re trying to win them over.
9. Our outward beauty is to be celebrated and the more beautiful we are on the outside, the more of inside flaws should be overlooked.
10. Flirting with all men is okay, because we deserve to be validated.
11. Sexting isn’t bad, because you aren’t actually doing anything physical.
12. Lusting after men is okay because we don’t say it out loud.
13. Gossiping isn’t a major sin.
14. It is okay to share confidential information when we need to rally our troops to feel justified.
15. We will spend more time with God when He gives us the desires of our hearts.
16. God’s will for our life is not the best way. We know what we need better than He does.
17. There is nothing to praise God for when our will doesn’t happen
18. We cannot be happy for our friends when they get engaged or have babies and we still have an unfulfilled longing at the same time.
19. Going to bed alone is the worst thing on earth.
20. God will give us a man when we love Him most.
21. A ring will take away every insecurity or demon we battle with.
22. God’s love cannot fill the void of not having an earthly man.
23. Our brothers in Christ don’t need prayers for strength, courage, to be uplifted. They need prayers to change.
24. God cannot speak to us through a man we are dating.
25. It is okay to alter ourselves in a manipulative way to get a man.


What are some strategies you have seen the enemy use on singles?
How has God set you free from the snares of Satan?

  • Next week, we will share part 2 of this series.


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