Let’s imagine you would like your boyfriend to pick up a few things for you at the grocery store because you need it to cook supper for him.


6 Ways NOT to Ask Your Man for Help:

1. Sarcastic:
“You know, it wouldn’t kill you to run by the store and pick up 3 things for me at the story today .”

2. Insulting:
“You need to man-up and run to the store for me.”

3. Playing the Martyr:
“No, don’t worry about me. I have nothing else to do. It’s not like I’ve had a headache all day or anything. I’ll go to the store myself and then make supper for you while you sit and relax.”

4. Pressuring:
“You’d better go to the store and get what I need… NOW.”

5. Threatening:
“If you don’t go to the store for me, you’ll regret it.”

6. Giving a Choice Instead of Making a Request Then Getting Upset:
“Wouldn’t you like to run to the store?”
(He says, “No, thanks,” because he thought you offered him a choice.)
“I asked you for help. You never help me!”


6 Ways TO Ask Your Guy to Go to the Store for You

(with a smile and a friendly tone of voice, and possibly with a dash of friendly humor, affection, or flirting):

1. Honey, would you please run by the store to pick up a few things for me? Thanks!

2. Babe, if you have time on your way over, it would be the sweetest thing if you could pick up X, Y, and Z for me at the store. Thank you!

3. Hey, Honey, I want to make you something special tonight but I am out of some of the ingredients I need. I’m so sad! Would you be able to pick these things up for me? Thanks so much!

4. If only a handsome grocery store fairy would pick up some things I need at the store, it would really make my day!

5. If you have a chance to pick up X, Y, and Z for me on your way over, you would be my hero! 

6. If only there were a strong, tall, handsome man around town who would be willing to make a quick grocery run for me, I would be forever grateful!

“Outdo one another in showing honor.”

Rom. 12:10

Most people respond a lot better to a respectful, friendly request than a negative one.

Remember, if he can’t help, please respond graciously.

How about you? Any suggestions for healthy ways to ask your man for something?

Or how do you like for people to ask you for help?

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