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1013331_58271400We will pray for our sisters in Christ in another post in the future. This prayer is for all of our brothers in Christ. (It may be a good prayer for that special godly man in your life if there is one at this time.) But let’s surround our fellow believers in prayer – this week, focusing on the men we know.


These precious men are Your beloved sons. You loved these men first. You loved them perfectly and knew them completely before You created the world. You love them more than we could ever begin to wrap our little minds and hearts around. They are so very valuable to You. Empower us to treat your sons well, to see them with Your eyes, to treat them with respect and honor, and to love them with Your love. We come before You with deep reverence for You as the wise Creator of men and women and with deep reverence for You as the Heavenly Father of all of Your children – men and women.

Open our eyes and convict us of every sin that we might repent and be restored to right relationship with You, that we might walk daily in the power of Your Spirit and in obedience to Your Word so that we might be able to come before Your throne boldly to ask for mercy and grace in our time of need. There is no good in us on our own. The only good in us comes from You. If we are walking in disobedience, our prayers have no power. Clothe us with the righteousness of Christ, Lord! We receive all that He has done for us on the cross. We are totally dependent on Your Spirit’s power to work good in our hearts and to regenerate our spirits. Thank You for giving us new spirits, new hearts, and new minds in Christ! We pray that You might continue to make us more and more like Christ. Let us love what You love and hate what You hate.

We praise You that You only have good motives toward us and our brothers in Christ. You alone are GOOD (Luke 18:19). You are not tempted to sin. You are not tempted by evil. You never tempt anyone to sin (James 1:13-15). We praise You that You are LOVE. You love us and You love your sons with pure agape love that never fails (I Corinthians 13:4-8). You give nothing but GOOD gifts (James 1:17). Your definition of “good” may differ from ours. But Your definition of “good” is the best definition in the long run.

We lift up our precious brothers – Your dearly beloved sons – to Your throne room in the highest heavens. Cleanse our hearts of any impure or selfish motives! Purify and refine our hearts, minds, and souls that we might pray with great power, fervency, and BIG faith for these men who are chosen by God and highly esteemed by Him. We long only for Your will for them. We long only for Your glory in their lives and for You to bless them and set them apart for Your purposes.

  • Draw these men to Yourself by the power of Your Spirit.
  • Let us close ranks around these men to pray for them that You might empower them to stand against the spiritual warfare and temptation they face daily.
  • Set our brothers free from any deadly snare or sin that has them held captive. Release them from their prisons and dungeons to run into the freedom, light, and abundant spiritual life You have provided freely and generously through Jesus!
  • Give them hearts that love You more than anything in the universe.
  • Let them display God’s amazing design for masculinity to everyone around them.
  • Let them be godly, Spirit-filled, holy, obedient men by Your definition – not ours.
  • Let us approach our brothers with true humility, knowing that we are all on equal ground at the foot of the cross.
  • Use us to bless, encourage, inspire, honor, respect, and do good to our brothers in Christ every day of our lives.
  • Let us extend the same grace, mercy, and forgiveness to them that You have extended to us.
  • Let us walk by the power of Your Spirit instead of by our sinful flesh so that we might give up our sinful power to tear down, destroy, harm, and wound our brothers and that we might have gentle, peaceful spirits, full of faith in You, doing what is right in Your estimation, and beautiful in Your sight.
  • Heal the rift between the genders in Your Body. We pray for Your Spirit of unity, peace, healing, harmony, friendship, teamwork, humility, and blessing between men and women in the church.
  • Let us seek only to please You, not people.
  • Let your sons seek only to please, honor, love, and obey You.
  • Give our brothers hearts and minds that are sensitive to Your voice and quick to obey You.
  • Accomplish Your greatest glory in their lives by Your power, not ours, and in Your timing!
  • Convict us and our brothers in Christ of every sin and snare in our lives. Let us all hate sin as much as You do!
  • Let our brothers in Christ walk in the victory over sin that Christ Jesus has already provided for them.
  • Let them become the Christlike men You call them to be.
  • We trust Your Spirit to work in them and we leave room for You to speak to them and convict them of sin. We are not the Holy Spirit. Let us allow Him to do the opening blind eyes, convicting and bringing people to repentance. The position of “accuser” is also filled. Let us not ever join in to help the enemy!
  • Help us understand that men are not the enemy. Our real enemy is not flesh and blood but the powers, principalities, and forces of evil in this dark world. Let us stay fully submitted to You as LORD and then let us resist the devil so that he will flee from our relationships in the Body of Christ.
  • Give our brothers Your wisdom and direction.
  • Let us be supportive, understanding, loyal, faithful, godly, Spirit-filled, prayerful, chaste, pure, holy, and willing to support our brothers’ burdens in the callings You have given to these men.
  • Let them be men of fervent prayer.
  • Let them deeply hunger for Your presence, Your Spirit, Your Word, and Your will.
  • Raise up this generation of men in the body of Christ to become a godly generation – holy, set apart for You, and pleasing in Your sight.
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