Breaking Free from the Subtle Idols in Our Hearts explains what idols are, how we all struggle with them, the signs of idolatry, the results of idolatry, and 10 steps we can take to break free from their hold.

Below is an example of a prayer if you realize that you have been putting self, other things, or people above Christ in your heart and life.

I acknowledge that I have exalted other things in my life above You. I have desired earthly things (people, ideas, or material things) more than I desired You.
This is not right. In fact, it is a betrayal of Your love and it grieves Your heart deeply when I flirt with the world and become enthralled with lesser things and leave my First Love.

Help me to see my motives clearly. Let me hate idolatry as much as You do. Help me to see as soon as my heart begins to wander from Your love and goodness. I want to see You more and more. I want to know and love You more and desire You above all else. If I have no appetite for You and the things of God, I am spiritually sick. I have sin in my heart that has to go. Help me get rid of anything that is shoving You out of my life. Help me have a voracious appetite for You, alone!

I choose today to lay down all of myself in absolute surrender to Your leading. You know best. I do not. You have all wisdom. I do not.

You alone are worthy of all of my love, heart, mind, soul, and strength. You alone are worthy of my obedience and my greatest passion and desire.

I lay down my will, my desires, my plans, my wisdom, my future, my body, my possessions, my relationships, my family, my career, my health, my soul, and all that I have on the altar before You in total devotion. I consecrate myself to You. I am for Your holy use alone.

My purpose is to live for Your will, Your plans, Your glory, Your purposes, and to bring You joy! I want to build my life on Your Word, Your love, and Your truth alone. Anything that is not of You has to go. Help me to see how evil anything that isn’t in alignment with You really is. Help me to be repulsed by everything You call sin.

I want to know who You really are. I want all of my skewed thinking to go. I want to be enthralled and captivated by Your incredible love for me. Help me shut every door I have opened to the enemy. Help me have the strength and ability to choose You and to reject the world.

I don’t want to miss out on any of You or Your plans for me. I choose to hold everything loosely in my life but Jesus. Direct me according to Your unfailing love. Refine and purify me. Make me like Jesus.


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