April Cassidy

Many women go through their days feeling frustrated, insecure, ill-equipped, and unloved. Feeling unloved and insecure makes a woman sad and causes her to lose hope, and sometimes, it even causes her to inadvertently sabotage the very intimacy she longs for in a relationship.

When a woman finds God’s love, power, and beautiful design for her femininity and for relationships, she comes alive. The spiritual abundance she finds in Christ gives her security in knowing she is deeply loved, secure, known, and empowered more than she could ever imagine through Jesus. This gives her the strength to approach her romantic relationship—and all relationships—in healthy new ways.

I seek to shine a light on the pathway to spiritual wholeness through Jesus because every woman deserves to have the key to the greatest fulfillment and spiritual abundance available to her in the world. Then she can have the divine power and wisdom she needs to pour God’s life and healing into her relationships and has the chance to see many miracles happen.


My name is April Cassidy and I married my highschool sweetheart, Greg, in 1994. We have two children. I was a pharmacist for 24 years and now am a content writer for a design firm.

I have two books, The Peaceful Wife and The Peaceful Mom  that you are welcome to check out before dating, marriage, and motherhood to help prepare you ahead of time and I believe they will bless your life greatly even now, as well.

I love my single sisters in Christ and hope to share spiritual treasures here that might help prepare you for a life of great faith, fearlessness, peace, and joy whether you ever marry or you decide to stay single.

I’d love for you to learn from my many mistakes and all that the Lord has shown me over the past 11 years on my journey to understand God’s design for womanhood, marriage, and relationships.

Much love!