I found this today (the post below) and it really struck me.  WOW!  I know the world would think this dad was crazy overprotective.  But you know what?  Knowing what I know now about the differences between guys and girls and what I know now about God’s design for marriage – I applaud this father!  THIS is the kind of dad girls need!  God gave us dads to protect us, nurture us, provide for us and keep us safe. 
I know that most of these convictions this dad lists are probably going to make teenage girls upset.  My dad was a lot more strict than most.  We couldn’t date till we were 16.  Of course, I asked for that rule!  It was SO much easier to tell guys I couldn’t date than to have to say I didn’t like them!  We had curfews.  But we were allowed to be alone with our boyfriends later.  There was unsupervised time.  That was a huge opportunity for temptation that I believe teenagers don’t need!  I did wait until my wedding night to give myself to my husband, but it was a struggle that could have been partially avoided!
Teenage girls and even 20 something girls cannot possibly understand HOW different guys are and what they are thinking.  Although, you can study up and learn quite a bit if you read Shaunti Feldhahn’s books “For Women Only” and/or “For Young Women Only.”  These books are extremely eye opening! 
Dads know guys.  They are guys.  They know the temptations and the struggles with purity that guys face.  They know the temptations they had as teenagers.  They know how to protect you from a guy who might be able to deceive YOU, but won’t stand a chance against the cross-examination of a real man.
Guys don’t value words like we do.  They will say things we want to hear to get us to give ourselves to them.  They don’t necessarily mean the things they say if they are talking about love and marriage in the future!  Not all guys – at least.  We as girls can be so easily taken with a guy’s charm, personality, humor, good looks and his words of love.   We can be blind to a guy’s true character.  Our dads aren’t.  We NEED the protection, guidance and wisdom of our dads.
I know most of you probably don’t have a dad who will go to the lengths this one does to protect you.  But you need a dad like that.  If you don’t have a dad who will protect you, then find a godly older woman who is a strong Christian who can guide you through the land mine of dating and choosing a guy wisely! 
This is the way I believe God would want you protected.  THIS article below is the kind of godly, masculine leadership God expects of men – and that we are sadly lacking in our families today.  If you don’t have a dad to stand in the gap for you – take a look at this dad’s stance.  Really pray about his convictions and soak them in.  This is the kind of protection that will get you the life God wants for you later.  This is the kind of protection that will keep you safe until the RIGHT guy, the BEST guy for you comes along.  A guy who can pass the test of a dad like this is a TREASURE and you will be grateful every day for the rest of your life if you have a dad who looks out for you and keeps you from giving your heart away to the wrong kinds of guys. 
Guard the hearts, the virtue, the virginity, the sexuality, the spiritual purity of these precious girls!  Give them godly dads to protect them.  Give them greater understanding of guys and Your supernatural wisdom about dating, courting and marriage.  Let them not settle for what the world offers but let them be willing, patient, strong, courageous and determined to hold out for Your best for them!  Give them Your vision of the marriage You desire them to have one day.  Help them embrace Your design for them as women, as future wives and future mothers.  Help them honor You in the choices they make now that they may have no regrets and experience the abundant life You have waiting for them!
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1. You must love Jesus. I don’t care if you’re a “good Christian boy.” I was one of those too. So I know the tricks. I’m going to ask you specific, heart-testing questions about your spiritual affections, your daily devotional life, your idols, your disciplines, and the like. I’ll cut you a little bit of slack because you’re young and hormonal and your pre-frontal lobe isn’t fully developed yet, but I’ll be watching you like a hawk. I know you. I was you. You will think you can fool me, and you likely have fooled many other dads who didn’t pay much attention to their daughters’ suitors, but I will be on you like Bourne on that guy whose neck he broke. Which guy was that? Every guy. So love Jesus more than my daughter or go home.

2. You will install X3Watch or Covenant Eyes on your computer and mobile devices and have your regular reports sent to me.

3. I will talk to your dad and tell him I will hold him responsible if you don’t treat my daughter like a lady. If he thinks I’m a crazy person, you fail the test and won’t get to date her. If he understands what I’m saying, that bodes well for you.

4. You will pay for everything. Oh, sure, every now and then my daughter can buy you a Coke or something and a gift on your birthday and at Christmas. But you pay for meals, movies, outings, whatever else. Don’t have a job? I’m sorry, why I am talking to you again?

5. You will accept my Facebook friend request.

6. If it looks like you need a belt to hold your pants up, I will assume you don’t have a job. See #4.

7. Young people dating are putting their best face forward, so if you appear impatient, ill-tempered, or ill-mannered, I know you will gradually become more so over time. I will have no jerks dating my daughters.

8. If I am not your pastor, I will talk to the man who is. If your pastor is a woman, why I am talking to you, again?

9. You don’t love my daughter. You have no idea what love is. You like her and you might love her someday. That’s an okay start with me, so put the seatbelt on the mushy gushy stuff. Don’t profess your undying love, quote stupid love song lyrics to her, tell her you’d die for her, or feed her any other boneheaded lines that are way out of your depth as a horny little idiot. A lady’s heart is a fragile thing. If you play with hers, I will show you yours.

10. If you ever find yourself alone with my daughter, don’t panic. Just correct the situation immediately. If I ever catch you trying to get alone with my daughter, that would be the time to panic.

11. It may sound like I’m joking in threatening you harm, and while I might not physically hurt you if you offend my daughter or violate her honor, when I am addressing the issue with you, you will not be laughing.

12. You may think all this sounds very legalistic. That’s fine. You can be one of the many antinomians not dating my daughter.

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