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Peace was not something I experienced often for most of my life. I was usually anxious and afraid until recent years. I had no idea how to even have God’s peace, even though I thought I was trusting Him. In my mind, I told myself, “I believe God. I love Him and I am living for Him.” But the fruit of my life, my thoughts, motives, words, and actions showed an entirely different story. Loving and trusting God is not just about mental assent. It is about completely yielding control and all of the outcomes in my life in every area to Him no matter what it may bring.

That sounds scary at first. If you don’t really know how good, loving, wise, and powerful God is.

If you have a wimpy, evil, twisted picture of God – it is really hard to trust that kind of messed up distortion of Him. Thankfully, that is not who He is! As you taste and see God’s goodness and as you begin to trust Him, eventually you realize that trusting God wholeheartedly is the BEST place to be in the world! And you begin to see that trusting self or anyone or anything else is the most dangerous place to be. It feels like jumping off of a big spiritual cliff at first, to begin to trust God instead of myself. But the more I study about God’s character and get to know Him, the more I see He can’t have evil motives toward me. And the more I realize that even if I must face my fears, God is sovereign over all that enters my life and He will be with me through it.

As I draw close to Him and allow Him to transform my heart and mind to be like His, I begin to know that if I have Him, I have EVERYTHING that really matters. If I don’t have Him, I have nothing! And if He is with me, I will be more than okay, even if what I go through is excruciatingly painful. I can have all of Himself – and all of His peace, joy, fulfillment, security, love, and purpose no matter what happens and no matter what anyone else does to me.

This is why I can trust God and rest in His peace and sovereignty even when I don’t know what will happen. I may not know what God will bring about. I may not know what the final chapter will bring, but I trust His heart for me. And that is enough. God will bring tests to us and the enemy will try to derail us into fear and paralysis in our spiritual walk. But if God is with me, I can face my deepest fears and I can lay down my greatest dreams because He is the Greatest Treasure there is. I can rest in Him without knowing the outcome ahead of time. God gives us times of uncertainty because those times build our faith as we learn to turn to Him. If I will receive His love, His healing truth, and His goodness, He can set me free from all doubt, fear, worry, and anxiety.

I had two major trials hit last week right before my conference in Garnett, KS:

One was that my grandmother was put on hospice and she is not doing well. The other was an issue that may result in significant financial strain for my family because of my faith in Christ – the details of which I am not at liberty to share at this time. I was completely shocked at what happened and didn’t see it coming. But as I prayed about it, I decided that I am going forward with greater faith than ever before and that I will not allow anyone or anything to steal the peace and joy Jesus has given me. My goal is to please Christ, not people. I trust God to work things out even though I don’t know what the outcome will be. I will trust Him and rest in Him in the midst of the storm. Not only do I rest in Him, I rejoice over this opportunity to suffer insults and hardship because of my faith in Jesus and I anticipate with great excitement the good He will bring from this trial.

Whenever God is about to do something amazing and I am living in completely surrender to Him, Satan hates that! I always know that hardships and tests will crop up during those times. God worked in the most powerful way among the 74 women at my conference this past weekend. So I have already seen God’s hand moving and I can’t wait to see what else He is about to do!

Much love to each of you!


When we believe lies about God, ourselves, or others, it is very hard to trust God and live in His glorious freedom and peace. Check out this post to help you identify any lies you may have unknowingly embraced that are toxic to your spiritual health.

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