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I love to share posts by our single sisters in Christ. This one is by a new guest-writer, Freedom. May it bless you this Christmas. Merry Christmas to each of you!



One of my old roommates and I were trying to think of something fun to do and to add to My Single Girl Bucket list. This list and blog are tools that I’m using to help me be grateful for my single lady life. She suggested that we have a Holiday picnic! My old roommate, Carla and I have known each other since we were both 20 years old. Time flies! So we lived together and made fun memories….classic inside jokes…and off course nicknames for each other! Now the day we were supposed to have our picnic it was actually too cold to eat outside. So that was a bummer. And confession, I really didn’t feel like cooking that day, and I’m on a tight budget, so I didn’t want to spend money on food. So we only made one thing…

I thought about how I planned on blogging about our little Holiday extravaganza, and how me not wanting to cook anything, makes me look lame…. Womp Womp….. Fortunately, Carla was more than happy to cook and hoped we could make one of her favorites. Baked macaroni and cheese….yum 🙂

I sincerely appreciate healthy foods, and I realize that my past blog entries have been about foods that are high in salt and sugar. Soooo eventually, I will write about something healthy… just not today.

I ended up helping Carla with the mac and cheese and we teamed together to make it tasty. Then Carla prayed for our meal before we ate…in Spanish….because we thought that would be cool. Then we ate and talked about what we’re thankful for about being single, Yay!



So I know the holidays are coming up, and for me there can be times when it’s difficult to be at family gatherings, or see people I haven’t seen in awhile, because I know there’s a chance, they’re going to ask me if I’m dating anyone….Ugh!!

I know when people ask me this, they don’t mean any harm, so if you’re reading this and you’ve asked me about my love life, know that I Love you and I’m trying not take it personal when people ask me about this area of my life.

As I’ve been doing more of my bucket list, it has been easier to face this daunting question. During our time together, Carla and I were able to invoke the warm fuzzy feelings that the holidays can bring.

It was nice to sit and reflect on the joys of being single, with Carla at our Holiday meal….if you’re reading this, and you know people are gonna ask you about your love life this holiday season….reflecting on the joys of single-hood could make it easier.

I think for me, it’s a continual renewal of my mind, as I have to choose to reflect on it, every time I’m tempted to think being single is lame-sauce.

I like the fact that this scripture in 2 Corinthians talks about how it’s a process of being renewed continually.

  • “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16 (New International Version)

So I can make the decision to be grateful, every day, throughout the day. I don’t have to see my single-hood the same way others might see it… Instead I can think Positive thoughts….this passage talks more about it:

  • “And do not imitate this world, but be transformed by the renovation of your minds, and you shall distinguish what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

The world tells me…

I need to be desperate for man…

God tells me….LIVE IT UP (God’s way) ….LIFE IS GOOD!

I think this scripture sums it up pretty nicely:

  • “For he shall not often reflect on the days of his life; because God occupies him with the joy of his heart.”Ecclesiastes 5:20 (New Heart English Bible)

So I can have joy, even when it’s difficult to have it.

Soooooo when you’re with family and friends for Holiday gatherings, it is possible to enjoy these warm fuzzy holiday feelings!

It’s fabulous that as a single person, I was able to travel to see an old friend….if I was married with kids, that would probably be a lot more difficult, and might not even happen!(more on traveling in a future blog). I didn’t have to run my plans by my husband, I just made the plans. Freeeedoooom!!!! (my name means Freedom – Pun intended!) Writing this blog really does help me remember how great it is to be single…..

Let Freedom Ring! Haha!

Those warm fuzzy feelings that can be associated with the holidays were exploding in our hearts. We were both in that la la land Holiday’s feeling… it was nice. I was surprised that we were able to make it actually feel like the Holidays from our simple hang out time. This was my first time re-creating that Holiday experience…I recommend it, it was fun!


Another joyous thing about the Holidays, is Christmas lights! I was driving the other day, and I saw these houses and a shopping area that were glowing with lights. As I was driving, I thought to myself, when I get to heaven, I’ll get to be enjoy a glowing city. It made my heart happy to think about how glorious it will be. This scripture explains further:

  • The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. Revelation 21:23: (New International Version)

So here on earth, we get a small glimpse of the Glory of God we’ll get to celebrate when we’re in heaven.

If you wanna read more on the joys of single-hood, the rest of this blog has more on the topic!

I hope this has put a smile on your face, happy reading friends!! 🙂


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