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I have a new YouTube video about this topic you are welcome to check out here:


Have you seen women demonstrate the love of God to our brothers in Christ? I’d love to hear about it and have a discussion about what we can do to change the tide of the culture in our churches so that men feel welcome, included, encouraged, blessed and loved with the love of God among us.



Some ideas (for those who can’t see the video):

  • at the very minimum, we can avoid belittling them, making fun of them, cutting them down, gossiping about them, talking about them to others, looking at them with contempt/disgust
  • we can develop a sense of appreciation for God’s design for masculinity and step into their world with awe, interest, curiosity, gentleness and a desire to understand their perspectives, ideas, feelings, priorities and desires
  • we can understand that men and women are equal in the sight of God – equally loved, equally valuable, equally image bearers of God. Women are not “better than” men
  • we can express appreciation for the gifts, talents, wisdom, abilities, ideas and concerns of the men around us (just like we would for the women around us)
  • we can thank men who hold the door for us or who lead in the church or who work hard to help clean up and put away chairs after a service
  • we can smile and say hello to EVERYONE at church, recognizing each person is dearly loved by God
  • we can be friendly towards everyone
  • we can value and cherish each person God has created
  • we can express godly I Corinthians 13:4-8 love for all believers, including our brothers in Christ
  • we can treat others with dignity and honor
  • we can learn to empathize with men’s feelings and seek to really get to know their hearts
  • we can pray for them
  • we can see them as real people, with real emotions who have important ideas, wisdom, talents, contributions, gifts and love to share in the body of Christ
  • we can see that God designed them to be leaders and we can recognize the Christlike leadership qualities in our brothers and affirm them for this

This is just the beginning of an important discussion. What else can we do to show the love of Christ to our brothers in the Lord?


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