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I am SO excited to do a book review for Ashley Schnarr’s ebook, “Single Girl!”

Ashley has a very unique perspective because instead of going to college, she chose to be a “daughter at home.”  She has been using her time learning domestic skills, refining her talents, looking for ministry opportunities, looking for unique money-making opportunities and preparing for being a wife and mother in the future.  I know this is not the life most of us have lived.  But I think it is fascinating.  And, quite truthfully, I think that Ashley is going to be much better prepared for marriage and motherhood than I was when I got married!

Ashley writes with a loving, compassionate spirit and wisdom that seems to me to be far beyond her years.  I appreciate the way Ashley addresses issues from multiple angles.  And I really love her practical application suggestions.  Her book is an easy read – it feels like you are chatting with a good girlfriend as you are reading.

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I want to hit a few highlights:

Chapter 1- Myths About Your Singleness

I LOVE the way Ashley addresses some common myths and things people say to singles that are actually hurtful at times.  She shines truth on these myths and encourages women to look to God’s Word for truth, meaning, identity and purpose.

Chapter 2- Pursuing God During the Single Years

Ashley gives EXTREMELY practical and wise advice here about specific ways to seek God and to grow in Him very intentionally.  I completely agree with and endorse her messages here and would strongly suggest that you cultivate each of these habits and keep them for a lifetime!

Chapter 3- Preparing for the Future

Ashley gives a number of areas where women would be wise to learn and grow and have some experience before being wives or mothers.  Whether you go to college or not –  I would strongly recommend you focus on each of these items.  Having the skills she describes will be very helpful in the future no matter what path God has for you.

Chapter 4- Jobs and Ministries For the Single Woman

I especially love her ideas about how to earn extra income from home without a college degree.  She has a large number of creative ideas to choose from that will really help you get thinking about what God might want you to consider doing.  These are definitely things to pray about!

Chapter 5- Discovering Your Identity

Ashley does a fantastic job explaining how to find our identity in Christ and what that means for a single woman.  She also talks about ways to use your spiritual gifts to bless God’s people.

Chapter 6- Beauty For the Single Girl

I LOVE the fact that Ashley emphasizes spiritual, godly beauty first.  Then she does talk about physical beauty in practical ways – but with a definite slant towards modesty and godly beauty being the primary focus.  I’m so thankful that she exposes the lies of our culture about worldly beauty and confronts the world’s messages head one with the truth of God’s Word.  I love the very practical suggestions for modesty in a number of situations.  Very helpful!

Chapter 7- Guys & Relationships

Ashley has a lot of wisdom to offer in not going to extremes as a Christian girl by being totally silent and waiting in a corner for a guy to come to you vs. not being sexy and boisterous and aggressive either.   She talks about being friendly and introducing yourself.  And she has some very concrete ideas about how to interact with our Christian brothers that I greatly respect and appreciate.   There is also a fantastic section about dating vs. courting and suggestions about handling romantic relationships in a godly way.  Great section!

Chapter 8- The Joy of Singleness

I love that she talks about finding joy in Christ now.  That is a skill we all need in every situation in life!

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