In December of 2008, God used a book, “Love and Respect,” (by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs) to open my eyes to a lot of problems in my attitude and behavior I had never noticed before in my relationship to my husband. I was mortified. I had no idea how blind I was and how much work I had to do spiritually to become the woman God called me to be.

I didn’t have a godly mentor to meet with me once a week or once a month. I didn’t have a female prayer partner or an online teacher. But I was determined that I was going to learn everything God wanted me to know about being a godly woman.

I spent about 3-5 hours per day (7 days per week) immersed in the Bible, books, prayer, and my journal notebook for several years. I begged God:

  • Don’t leave me like this!
  • Change me!
  • Show me what godly femininity means.
  • Show me how to be the woman You call me to be.
  • Help me make up for my sin and treat my family – and everyone else – well from now on.
  • Help me obey You in everything. I hate my way. I want to do things Your way!

I read over 30 books on godly femininity, biblical womanhood, and being a godly wife during those 3.5 years. Those books and authors were my mentors along with much prayer, and – most importantly – scripture and the Lord.

I could read the books over and over again, and I often did, to help me really drive home the new ways of thinking I wanted to adopt. I often wrote notes and prayers in my prayer journal while I read. And I highlighted the books and made notes in the margins. Of course, I had to be sure to carefully evaluate each statement against the Bible. I only wanted to receive things that align with God’s Word. But books were a way for me to connect with people who understood God’s design for women, marriage, and faith so much more than I did. It was a way for me to have very low cost, high intensity discipleship for many hours each week on my schedule. I didn’t have to bother anyone else. I could learn on my own schedule. I found that books were very thorough and organized. I think, in many ways, they can help even more than having someone with you face-to-face at times.

Since those early years of my journey into being a peaceful woman in Christ, I have read even more books to help me grow in my walk with the Lord and as a wife and mom. God has used so many Christian authors from recent history, and from even the 1800s to help sharpen my faith and trust in Him. I can’t imagine where I would be without the books God has used, along with His Word, to open my eyes to His love, His truth, His transforming power, and His path to peace for me.

My Newest Book, “The Peaceful Mom,” is releasing today, March 27th!

51cXWa6UBDL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Perhaps The Peaceful Mom – Building a Healthy Foundation with Christ As Lord, might be one of the books God uses to be a great blessing and mentoring resource in your life? Maybe there are some areas where you are struggling as a mom, and this would be just the thing to help you grow and experience more of God’s power and peace in your life. It is designed for moms – single or married – of any age.

Check out the quiz on this link to see if it might be right for you.

Honestly, this book may be a blessing to all women – even those who have no children. The principles apply to us all as believers in Christ. The first half of the book is simply about our walk with the Lord. And the second half has principles that apply in so many of our relationships. Check out this woman’s review from Amazon:


The title says this is a book about being a mom. It is much more than that. This is a challenging book for all Christians, not just mothers. I have no children yet I was especially challenged by her chapter on loving children “too much.” The concept of laying down husband, children, future, health, all that we have, on a figurative altar is a disturbing challenge. The concept that my love for God is to be so much greater than my love for people that my love for people would look like hatred in comparison – that is quite a challenge.

Another chapter that really impressed me was the one on skewed beliefs. Cassidy tells a great story about how she developed skewed belief from childhood experiences. She offers practical suggestions for identifying those beliefs and how to instill correct beliefs. She has included an excellent chart identifying lies, the truth, and Scripture references.

Yes, this is really a book for moms who want to be good ones but feel overwhelmed by struggles and failures. Cassidy writes that God provides a path for us to live in His abundance and peace. But the path requires that we know God intimately and follow Him whole heartedly. The result is peace in all areas of life. She includes stories from her own life and from others that illustrate how her teachings work in real family life.

I highly recommend this book. Cassidy identifies so many issues in our Christian lives that cause a lack of peace. She also includes a great deal of good teaching and practical suggestions for having a relationship with the Lord, the source of all peace. And for moms? There is also a great deal of wise parenting teaching too. This is not a read it and forget it kind of book. There is so much good and practical teaching in this book, though I am not a mom, I’ll return to the concepts again and again.

Food for thought: “My goal is that my entire life and every motive and priority be completely built on Christ Jesus and His truth alone.” (71)



Thank You for Your Word, Your healing and Your truth. Thank You for the blessing of Christian books with solid biblical teaching. I pray that You might provide godly books to help us grow. Lead us to the ones we need for each stage of our journey. Most of all, help us cling to You and Your Word. Transform us by the power of Your Spirit. Make us be more and more like Jesus. Teach us Your ways and give us the faith, power, and courage to follow and obey You in everything. Your ways are the best!



I plan to share a bit about what God has been doing in my life over the past 6 weeks. <3


Some of my favorite books to about godly femininity, growing in Christ, and God’s design for marriage (and for preparing for marriage).

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