(Notice the girl’s body language here – she is leaning forward, body is pointed towards him, smiling, very focused and interested and engaged with this guy.  Great example of using body language to show interest!)

Here is a video I have on my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy,” about how to use body language to signal your interest in a guy you like.


Let me know if you have questions, comments, concerns or ideas you’d like to discuss!

I would also add to the video a few more suggestions:

– dress in a modest but beautifully feminine and classy way – that will certainly get a godly man’s attention.

– stay close to Christ!  Be full of His Spirit.  Let His love just radiate out of you.  There is nothing more beautiful to a godly man than a woman glowing with the joy of Christ!

– It’s ok to introduce yourself or go up to him and initiate a friendly conversation.

– IF he tells you he is not interested, or just wants to be friends, then please back off and wait for him to initiate more contact.

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