This series is SO WORTH YOUR TIME!

David Platt does a beautiful job of explaining scripture:


1. God created men and women both to be equal in value and dignity – both were created to be image bearers of God

2. God created male and female with different roles.  Man is to be the head, the loving authority over his wife.  Woman is created to be the helper, created to extend glad submission to man

3. God created men and women as a reflection of the Trinity, a reflection of Himself.   Loving authority and glad submission begins – in the GodheadBiblical Manhood and Womanhood

Part 1 – Youtube video  53 minutes


This is a practical application for husbands and wives and even singles.  He explains the roles of men and women in marriage and in the church and how godly femininity and godly masculinity bring glory and honor to God.

Part 2  – Youtube video 51 minutes

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