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Greg and I will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary this May, God-willing, of course. In the past few years, God has brought so much healing to our marriage. We have more intimacy on every level than I thought we ever would for a long time earlier in our marriage. In fact, our marriage is what I had always longed for it to be. The intimacy in marriage is amazing now. I’m thankful every single day for my husband and for God’s design for marriage and the healing He has brought us both.

But the intimacy I get to share with Christ Jesus is infinitely greater and more fulfilling than any kind of intimacy in our very good marriage. Here are some important things I have learned on this journey:

  • Greg cannot meet the deepest needs of my soul. No human can. Only Jesus can do that.
  • Greg cannot give me real peace and joy. Nothing in this world can truly bring contentment in my heart. Only Jesus can do that.
  • Greg cannot transform my heart and get rid of all the yuck and sin. Praise God, Jesus can!!!!
  • Greg cannot ever love me enough for me to feel completely loved and accepted. Jesus can do this. I can know that I am fully loved and totally accepted in Him!
  • Greg cannot give me a new spirit, a new mind, and supernatural blessings. But my Jesus can absolutely do those things!
  • Greg can share some degree of intimacy with me. And it is very good (when I am already complete in Christ and I am not idolizing Greg or cherishing sin in my heart to mess up our intimacy). But he cannot maintain constant deep emotional and spiritual connection with me the way that Jesus can. And he cannot go nearly as deep into my heart and soul as Jesus can. The connection I have with Christ Jesus is so much more than any connection that is possible with other people. It is too holy and sacred and good for me to even begin to be able to describe. I know that as long as I have Christ, I have everything that really matters. He is the only One I cannot live without!

Jesus is the Love of my life! He is REAL LOVE. He is REAL LIFE.

You have total access to this kind of love and intimacy with Jesus Christ right now. You don’t have to wait! You don’t have to be married. Some people believe the lie that married women and single women have so little in common and have such different struggles and needs. NO! We all – every one of us (men, women, marrieds, and singles) – have the same deepest needs in our souls. You can have this amazing relationship with God, too. You can experience the supernatural joy, peace, and abundant spiritual life that Jesus offers to all who come to Him! You can have the exact same level of contentment, purpose, satisfaction, and spiritual blessing that I do – even more! There is an ocean of spiritual wealth available to us when we are in Christ.

  • I can’t get enough of Him! In fact, I know He is calling me to go deeper.

The past 6-7 weeks, I have felt His call. And I am SO THRILLED about getting to know His heart and mind more. I want to experience His presence more powerfully. I want to have His Spirit flooding my soul to overflowing every moment of every day. I want to have bigger and bigger faith. I want to have deeper and deeper trust. I want to understand more and more what it means to abide in Him and how to allow His Words to abide in me. I want to be more aware of His presence. I want Him to prune, refine, change and shape me however He believes is best. I want to have every single part of my heart, mind, and soul laid bare before Him, being still while His blazing Light of truth and His Spirit examine my every motive and thought.

I want to hate sin the way He does. I want to love people the way He does. I want God to make me more like Jesus. I lay all of myself, all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever could be completely before Him. I am willing to suffer if it will accomplish His purposes in my life. I want to be willing to give up anything and everything on earth at any moment in order to walk in obedience to my Lord. I want to be consecrated to Him – completely devoted to Him. I want more time with Him. I want more of His Word. I want more of His wisdom. I want all of His will every moment. I want to be so tuned in to Him that I always recognize His voice and that I always recognize the voice of the enemy. I want Him to make me holy the way He is holy.

I want to spend every waking moment with Him – quite honestly. I don’t want to stop reading His Word, praying, or praising Him.

I am praying that God will give you this same kind of intense desire for Himself – that He might draw you to Himself by the power of His Spirit working in your heart and life and that He might regenerate your heart, mind, and soul and be the Living Water you are craving.


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