I know there is an incredible amount of fear in our nation right now. That is one of the few things all sides seem to have in common. But sisters, I don’t want any of us who know Jesus to be afraid, discouraged, or depressed!

  • Sober and alert? Yes.
  • Watching and praying? Yes.
  • Faithful to Christ and fruitful? Yes.

We have every reason for hope because we have Jesus!

Yes, things are tense. Yes, there are many grave concerns. Yes, practically everything that is most important to us all is at stake. Yes, our country is being shaken to its core.

Sometimes it feels like we are on the Titanic and it is breaking apart and sinking. I believe we are about to face the most difficult time of our generation.

We may face painful days ahead no matter what choice our country makes. I do not believe we should expect smooth sailing. Things are lining up as Jesus told us they would. He gave us prophecies so that we could be prepared and at peace, not panicked.

Our God reigns on high!

We have the assurance that our God sits on the throne of the highest heavens in total sovereignty. Because we know Jesus and are seated in the heavenlies with Him already, we do not have to freak out. Not even if the mountains crumble or if war breaks out.

2020 has been a divine wake-up call to everyone around the world. It is time to make sure we are right with God and with each other. It is time to repent from anything that grieves God’s heart. It is time to be ready spiritually.

We do need to pray and fast fervently. And implore God for mercy for the church, our country, the elections, our families, and ourselves individually. We must turn from anything the Lord calls sin in our own lives and humbly yield to His Lordship in all things.

Then we can pray for a spirit of repentance to sweep across our land, that the Lord might intervene and heal us in a miraculous way.

Apart from God’s supernatural and gracious intervention, we are in serious trouble as a nation.

We must look to Him and depend on Him as never before.

We are facing a spiritual battle and a spiritual problem. It is a spiritual impasse. This is not a political problem. It is a heart problem. A sin problem.

We must fight this battle with spiritual weapons like prayer, praise, thanksgiving, the Word of God, the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and the unity of the Body of Christ. We must be sensitive to God’s leading and to any assignments He has for us.

We have the biggest decision to make in our history, America!

Our nation must decide if we will humbly bow to God and His Word, inviting Him back into every arena of our lives and yielding to His wisdom or if we will continue into even deeper rebellion and bring destruction upon ourselves and future generations.

Will we continue to call evil good and good evil? Or will we turn back from our arrogance and agree with God and His Word?

I don’t know what we will choose as a nation. But I don’t have to know.

I know my choice. I choose Jesus.

I choose His Word. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord no matter what.

We, believers in Christ, are to be salt and light. Salt preserves and prevents decay. Light illuminates the way and exposes stumbling blocks and danger. It guides people safely home to the Lord.

We have two choices, just like Israel did when Joshua spoke to them that day thousands of years ago before they entered the promised land. Our choices are quite literally life or death. God calls His people to choose life and blessing, not death and destruction. May we choose wisely and use our influence to lovingly point people to Christ, His healing, His goodness, and His gospel.

May the Lord continue to use this time of shaking for His glory and to bring countless precious lost souls safely into His kingdom. I know God responds to the prayers of His people. And I know that millions and millions of Christians are praying across America and around the world. I am excited to see what He will do and how His purposes will stand.

And may we stand firm and steadfast in faith, allowing God to use this to strengthen our faith and trusting Him to be with us. May our children witness our bold, courageous faith in Christ in the midst of these great storms.

May we stand on His promises no matter what may happen. May we keep our eyes on Him and learn that He alone is our Source. He alone is our Sword, Shield, and Mighty Fortress. He alone is our Protector and Provider.

We are being tested. May the Lord empower us to be faithful as so many followers of Christ have been before us and are even now around the world.

We are not like the world!

Our hope is not in a particular political candidate or party or in flesh and blood. Even though we will seek to support the one that best honors God’s Word and His principles.

Our hope is not in America, the Constitution, or an election. Even though America has been the greatest and most blessed nation under God in the history of the world. And even though the Constitution was founded on biblical principles and is the most wonderful governing document our world has known, in spite of flawed people. And even though we are so blessed to be able to vote for our leaders.

Our hope is not in the American Dream. Our hope is not in our possessions, our bank accounts, our pensions, our 401ks, or the economy.

We can’t put all our trust in money. Although we should use our money responsibly as godly stewards.

Our hope is in Jesus Christ alone. It must be.

If we realize our hope is in anything or anyone on this earth, we have an idolatry issue and we must repent.

If the candidate we believe is best doesn’t win, we do not despair the way the world does. We trust God’s sovereignty. He directs the king’s heart like a watercourse wherever He wishes it to go.

We have prayer. We have access to the heavenly Holy of Holies. We can appeal to one who is infinitely higher than the president of the United States.

If our nation chooses evil, we will trust God and plead for His intervention as well as His provision and protection for us. We will continue to choose righteousness. We will depend on Him more than ever. But we will never be hopeless! And we do not have to be afraid!

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

2 Tim. 1:7

Our enemies are not flesh and blood but spiritual enemies.

If unbelievers experience disappointment in an election, they turn to despair, hatred, and destructive methods to try to force their way.

We don’t have to react like this world does. We respond in the Spirit, not the sinful flesh.

We know that we are not in charge. We are not sovereign. Neither is the president of America or any other nation. God, alone, is sovereign. The King of kings and Lord of lords.

We should vote. We should be responsible and make wise, God-honoring decisions. We should be salt and light in this nation. We should draw near to the Lord ourselves and share His Word, His gospel, and His love. We should be making disciples all around us.

However, if we face a defeat in the election, we know we are citizens of the heavenly kingdom that will stand forever. Yes, even if/when America falls, our identity is secure in Christ.

We know that God will accomplish His good purposes for us and for the world. We can trust that He will use all that happens for our ultimate good and His glory. We will not be shaken.

His promises will stand. His Word will stand. He will never abandon us. If we face trials, He will use it to refine us and to promote the Gospel. If we face prosperity, He will use it to help us share the Gospel, too.

We are living at a critical time in history. We are seeing biblical prophecies unfold before our eyes. We are also seeing the sin of a nation, the USA, ripen.

There is a point of no return. There is a point where grace ends and judgment begins. I don’t know when that point will be. I pray we will turn back to the Lord and humbly trust Him rather than ourselves and human wisdom. Perhaps there is still time to receive more mercy from heaven.


If you would like to share encouraging scriptures or prayers for our nation and leaders, you are welcome to share in the comments. <3


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