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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions the other day. I want to try to get to know each of you as much as I possibly can – to give you love, encouragement, support, truth and blessing and to help you find healing in Christ. I appreciate your openness. It helps me know where everyone is right now and what issues we need to look at most urgently.

For those who were raped, molested or sexually abused – how my heart breaks for you! How I wish I could hug your neck and cry with you! How I wish no one EVER had to say “yes” to answer those questions. 🙁 I believe that

God’s will is for us all to be raised by godly parents (Malachi 2 and Deuteronomy 6) and to be protected from evil and harm and for us to see godly examples around us in our neighborhood, community and church. That is how a young woman is best prepared to be a godly woman and a godly future wife and mother. But I know that is not at all what some of you have experienced. Some of you have seen the very worst of humanity and depravity and sin. Some of you have taken the brunt of the evil of others. That is NOT ok with God. Those who sinned against you will stand completely accountable to God for what they have done. How I pray they will find Christ before that day!

I feel very inadequate to talk about these issues – I know I am not an expert in any way. The last thing I would ever, ever want to do would be to hurt any of you – or make the wounds you have deeper or cause you to feel hopeless. Please let me know if I am ever doing anything that triggers pain or problems for you.

How I wish that you each had a godly father and mother and that they all had godly marriages and that you never had to experience anyone treating you shamefully or with evil intent. I look at my daughter and her innocence and I want to do all that I can to protect her from the kinds of experiences so many of you have gone through. How I wish I could have protected you!!!!! I cannot begin to imagine how much those kinds of awful nightmares might impact a young girl’s understanding of masculinity, femininity, marriage, sex, her own identity and God. It is very possible that all of your thoughts about these topics may have to be torn out and completely replaced with the truth of God’s Word. I had to do this myself and I had not been molested or raped (well, I was molested, but as an adult – but what I have been through is nothing at all compared to what many of you have suffered).

I can’t be a professional counselor. That’s for sure. I don’t have all the answers to every situation. The only thing I know to do is to point people to Christ Jesus.

What I do know is this:

– Jesus loves you in an unfathomable and completely overwhelming way (see Kayla’s post from yesterday for a little taste of the way Jesus loves us).

– He is able to dissect your broken heart and soul and remove the wounds and the scars and bring healing to your heart and life as you learn to slowly trust Him and know Him more.

– He is able to give you a new heart and new mind and new spirit.

– He is able to give you victory over sin and make you more than a conqueror (it is a lifelong process of Him molding and shaping and refining us to be more and more like Himself).

– I love each of you and want nothing but God’s best for you. You are important to me and precious to me!

– I am praying for your healing and for complete reconciliation between you and God and for freedom from all the nasty stuff that may be hurting you still in your heart.

– There is no sin that Jesus cannot forgive. His blood is adequate. If you were abused, that was not your fault! I am praying for God’s total healing and restoration for you. If you made choices that you regret – if you did drugs to try to dull the pain or you had an abortion or you turned to sex to try to find power or comfort or purpose or acceptance or you fell into prostitution or homosexual relationships or sex addiction … there is GOOD NEWS! Jesus’ blood is completely able to more than cover every single sin if you will trust Him with your life. If you can’t trust Him yet – you can ask Him to help you want to trust Him. It may be baby steps on this road. That is ok!

– When you experience the forgiveness and mercy and grace of Christ Jesus, He can even give you the power to forgive yourself and even to forgive others to release you from the prison you have been in for so many years. If the holy God of the universe is satisfied by the payment of Jesus for our sins when we trust Him and yield our lives to Him as LORD, we are not above God, we can also accept Jesus’ work on our behalf as more than adequate to pay our debt to God. We can find forgiveness in Christ as we read and obey His Word and seek Him with all our hearts and we can find the power to experience the freedom and abundant life God has to offer. All of us have equal access to Jesus and His work on the cross for us. All of us are in equally desperate need of Christ and His blood that was shed for us.

I am hoping to enlist some help from some wives and other women who have been through some of these same difficult experiences, too. I hope to find more resources for you. I know that many of you may need to go to a Christian counselor and that there are probably books that could be very helpful as you take tiny steps towards spiritual health and emotional and sexual and physical wellness. I will let you know about resources as I find out about them. If you know of resources, please let me know so I can share with the other women. 🙂


I cannot begin to heal the damage that has been done spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, sexually and physically to the women who have been raped, abused or molested. How my heart aches to know that these precious women, women who are image bearers of God have been treated so horribly. I know that You know each pain and each circumstance. I know that Your heart is so very grieved over every sin that has been committed against these women. I pray for healing for them. I pray for the power of God to come over them. I pray for them to be able to see the lies they have embraced and the wrong ways of seeing You and themselves and the paralyzing fears that have them imprisoned and I pray that they might find freedom, hope, healing, joy and peace in Christ. Please help them to lay down their burdens and any sin and all the pain at Your feet. Please help them to learn who You really are and to learn how very trustworthy and GOOD You are. Help them to find out that there are godly people in the world who won’t hurt them and who will bless them. Give each woman here the resources, courage, wisdom, strength and power to turn to You and to find all of the help they need to heal, that they might become the beautiful women You designed them to be inside and out and that they might know they are daughters of the King of kings and Lord of lords and that they might overcome every snare of the enemy and live in Your Spirit’s power and victory.  Bless them richly. Draw them to Yourself. Let them find healing in Your loving, sovereign, wise, powerful arms.

In the Name and power of Christ,


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