Check out how God is using one woman’s incredibly painful trial – her husband’s secret severe pornography addiction – to draw her and her husband to Himself. Marriage to a sinner can be painful. And yet, God is able to use even the most painful trials for our ultimate good and His ultimate glory. Marriage is a covenant. The only thing that is supposed to separate a husband and wife is death. That is God’s design. I pray this post might inspire you to seek to honor Christ above all, to trust God completely and to walk in obedience to Him no matter what the cost, anticipating how He will bring beauty from even the most painful ad difficult circumstances in our lives – whether we are single or married.


I do NOT recommend knowingly marrying a man with a severe porn addiction, or any active addiction. If you realize that a man you are thinking about marrying has a major addiction or a major sin issue in his life, please slow down, seek godly, wise, biblical counsel. If he does not belong to Christ, please do not marry him. If he is unrepentant in sin, please do not marry him yet. It would be infinitely better to take care of this kind of thing BEFORE marriage. Or to reconsider whether it is wise to marry a man who is deeply entrenched in unrepentant sin. (I Corinthians 6, 7, I John). Once you are married – you are joined as one flesh and you are one in God’s sight. God hates divorce. Divorce should not be an option for a believer except in the most extreme circumstances. (You can look up my post about The Bible and Divorce on my home page at


If YOU are involved in unrepentant sin and/or addiction(s), please take care of the sin and the addictions now –  BEFORE getting married. Ask God to transform you by His power. Yield fully to Christ as Lord of your life. Allow Him to change you and to regenerate your spirit, heart and mind. Seek godly, wise, biblical counsel. Seek Christ above all else. Get yourself straight with God in these kinds of severe sin situations before attempting to be a godly wife.

We are all sinners. We will all sin and be sinned against in marriage. My prayer is that you will seek Christ with all your heart and seek to please, honor and obey Him because  you love Him more than anything. And I pray your husband will be on the same page. It is PAINFUL to be married to an unbeliever. Please do not knowingly go into a marriage where a man merely claims to be a Christian. Be sure that he has a true heart for Christ. And be sure you have a true heart for Christ first.

The wife who shares her story in this linked post is a POWERFUL example of how a wife can be a godly wife and how God can use a willing, Spirit-filled, godly wife to influence her husband for Christ. If you were to find yourself in such a situation, how I pray that you might trust God and live out your faith in a beautiful way like this woman did and does.

Much love!

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