Our 10 year old son did a few chores around the house and earned some extra money.  It’s his first time helping with mowing the yard and he even helped to build a wooden ramp and carried all the wood for his Dad.  The Respected Husband promised to pay our son, but didn’t say how much or when.

Last week one day, my son told me angrily, “Dad got my wallet and took my $5!!!!!!”  This was his ONLY money.  It sounded an awful lot like Daddy was stealing from his boy, right? Cruelly taking away every cent!  How HORRIBLE!  What kind of Dad would do that to his son?  How could my boy ever trust his father again?

What our son didn’t know is that his Dad decided to pay him $15, but he didn’t have change.  So, yes, Dad did take the $5 bill from our son’s wallet.  But then he replaced it with a $20.


I used to hang on very tightly to my “$5 bill”, too.  I didn’t understand God’s ways.  I didn’t want to trust Him with my job, my house, my health, my family members, my money or my stuff.  God might not handle my treasures responsibly.  So I held on tightly because my picture of God, His power and His wisdom was SO small.  And my picture of myself, my power and my wisdom was WAY TOO BIG. 

I thought I needed to try to be in control – but I didn’t understand that I wasn’t in control.  I was just making an idol out of trying to be in control – but it was all an illusion.  The only thing I had REAL control over was that I had turned the valve that let the Holy Spirit into my life way down so He could only trickle into my heart a little bit.  So I missed out on countless lavish blessings God had for me if only I had trusted Him and allowed the valve to let His power into my soul full blast.

I learned that when I hold out my spiritual hands palms up and open in a receiving position, God will give and God will take away.  Of course, God can take away even if I am clinging to something, but then I can’t receive what He wants to give to me.  The greater my faith and trust, the greater the power of God will be at work in my life and the more miracles I will be able to receive! 

GOD GIVES GOOD GIFTS TO HIS CHILDREN – even if we don’t understand at the time.

God can and will put things in my hands I could never have imagined – in His time and in His sovereignty.   He knows what I need and what is ultimately best in ways I cannot begin to fathom.   Certainly this concept doesn’t necessarily mean that God will give me more money or the most expensive house or car.  Material things and money don’t count for much in God’s eyes.  He focuses more on REAL treasure.

If I idolize money, God would be unwise and unloving to give it to me.  He will not allow me to find satisfaction in idols or greed!  Money is a small commodity in God’s grand scheme.  He has riches that go WAY beyond finances.  Money is just a little tool He uses and allows us to use – it tests our faithfulness to Him and our faith in Him.  But I can count on the fact that  He will give me good things – things that will matter in the light of eternity – things that are good by HIS definition, not mine.  

We are not exempt from suffering, trials, pain or grief as believers.  Somehow these things are the tools God uses to shape us and help us to become mature and complete, lacking nothing. I don’t think we will ever understand the reasons for why some things happen as long as we are on earth.  But I know that my God is trustworthy and incapable of evil.  How I pray that I will cling to Christ no matter what road He decides for me to travel.  I pray He’ll use the difficult things for His great glory and to bring many to Himself!

(Job) said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.”  Job 1:21



I would love to hear your stories!  You are invited to tell us about a time when God took something away from you and then gave you something SO MUCH BETTER?  Tell us about God’s goodness and let’s praise Him together!

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