Now is the time to learn about men – how they think, what they need, what is godly femininity and masculinity, what turns men off, what you need as a girl in a romantic relationship, and how to choose God’s path for sexuality, dating, courting, marriage and beyond.  If you do not consciously look at all the issues surrounding marriage and motherhood well in advance, you will make decisions later that you could easily come to regret.

Our culture is going to teach you an entirely different set of definitions for femininity, marriage, masculinity, family, career and purpose in life than God’s Word does.  Please don’t just accept our culture’s messages unquestioningly.  By the time you realize your error, you may not be able to do anything about your mistakes!


Now is also the time to delve into God’s purposes for you while you are on the planet!  According to the Bible, all people are designed to bring glory to God, that is our ultimate purpose.  Some of the ways we do that are to consider our core callings as people and as women. 

From Shaunti Feldhahn’s “The Life Ready Woman” the three major callings of God to people are:

1. To leave your parents and cleave (cling to) your spouse – to become mature adults who develop deep, lasting companionship in marriage

2. To be fruitful and multiply- to raise up and launch a healthy, godly next generation into the world (this can be through raising children later or through being a mentor, teacher and friend to those younger than you)

3. To subdue and rule the earth – to advance God’s kingdom purposes beyond our home into the world in the ways God gifts and calls us to.


(from Shaunti Feldhahn’s “The Life Ready Woman”)

1. To help and complete a man – to complement him, to build him up, to embrace his masculinity and to use your powerful femininity to make him even stronger.

2. To influence your setting – to bring the influence of beauty, warmth, purity and a “civilizing spirit” to wherever you are.

3. To nurture life – women are designed by God to carry babies, to feed babies, and to nurture children physically but also to nurture those around them emotionally and spiritually.  “We have a special ability to be empathetic and a lover of others, especially of a man and of children.  Women have a relational stregnth of loving, nurturing, caring and empathy at our core.  Our brains have a structure and hormone mix that are even designed specifically for it!”

4. To bring special wisdom and perspective – “our feminine design gives us as women a unique ability to influence what others do, think and even how they feel about themselves.  What an amazing responsibility!”

5. To multitask –  “Our brains are literally wired completely differently from men … so that we can be thinking about and doing many ‘surface’ things at once.  By contrast, men’s brains are wired to make them really good at doing or thinking deeply about one thing at a time.”

You also have your own personal callings, talents and abilities that God will use uniquely to impact the world for His glory!

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