A woman allowed me to share her story – praying it might bless someone who is struggling with food/weight issues today (if you are having a very serious battle, please seek appropriate help medically and spiritually!):

I very slowly and insidiously became weight obsessed in high school. I was normal weight. But I wanted to be perfect weight. I looked into various diets, plans, etc. I started trying to control my diet more. Low fat foods, fat free foods, exercise. In a twist of what I actually wanted, food became more important to me, not less. The high focus on food soon turned food into a comfort and an idol. I would obsess about my next meal, pick constantly in the kitchen, and sit up at night eating and eating dry cereal because at least it wasn’t fattening.

By college, not only was I nearly 40 lbs overweight, I was plagued with compulsive eating and I thought I knew: I was so bad I would never get better. My brain was twisted and beset beyond retrieval.

I begged God to help me, and He did. Through a Bible study, I began to learn. And here is how He brought me back, healed me, and set me free for all these years (and it took about a year for this to be a part of me):

1- I had to drop all dietary rules I had put on myself.
2- I had to add only this rule: eat when physically hungry, stop before over-full.

I also stopped exercising for a time because I was using it to “erase” calories.

This dug right to the heart of the matter. God had made me with a hunger/fullness and even craving system that worked. I had overridden it and ruined it. Eventually, it not only balanced out how much I ate, but even what I ate! (I can only pound back so many M&Ms before I actually want a salad) 🙂

As you always teach, God wants that center spot! We are not to crave, focus on, desire, or even work on anything above Him! I have seen so many people replace idol for idol here! (In reality, that’s the only thing I can say for sure to do or not to do! Haha!)

Oh yes. One more big thing. God spoke to my heart and He wanted something from me. And here is the place He made me go:

I had to confess that if I learned to eat normally and in moderation again and had a healthy mind again, one that was pleasing and in obedience to Him, that alone would be enough. I was willing to live the rest of my life looking overweight as long as I was pleasing Him. This was hard. But this was required. And I got to that place.

He did give me my body back. I have a few stretch marks to remind me of where I came from. My battle scars.

I am still free free free and God is so good!


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