My husband’s extremely different masculine perspective is a precious gift. One I didn’t appreciate in the early years of our marriage.

He thinks of things in ways I would never be able to. What a privilege to get to step inside his world and let him show me around.

When I am open to his viewpoint, my world is expanded and I grow as a person.

A Reflection of Christ and His Bride

The differences between husbands and wives showcase a little bit of the differences between people and the Lord. What if we allowed our different perspectives to help us better understand how to relate to Him?

Many of these differences are apparent even in a dating relationship as we prepare for marriage.

The husband is to represent Jesus and His sacrificial love and humble leadership for His Bride, the Church. The wife is to represent the Church and Her respect, admiration, love, and willingness to follow Her Bridegroom, Jesus. (Eph. 5:22-33)

Maybe there are a lot of things to unpack in this analogy where the husband and wife are to be a living parable and picture of Jesus and the Church.

Some Parallels

Men tend to be bigger and stronger than women. This reminds me that Jesus is much bigger and stronger than people are. He can carry heavy loads we are not designed to carry.

Men tend to see the bigger picture while women tend to focus more on details. These are generalities, of course. But this makes me think about how God sees the really big picture and He is not even limited by time or space. People tend to focus on the moment in time and the little bit of the picture we can see.

Men have a different hormonal makeup and brain structure that allows them to be, generally, more consistent emotionally over time. Women have a lot of changes with our monthly cycles, pregnancy, and peri-menopause. This reminds me of the way God never changes even though people tend to be much more easily moved or swayed.

Men tend to be more visual and women tend to be more into connecting with words and emotions. Perhaps this represents the way God is always watching over us even though we aren’t able to see Him. And the way wives tend to long for meaningful words from their husbands reminds me that the Church depends on the Word of God and clings to His promises.

Men tend to thrive where they feel respected and admired which reminds me of the way we are to reverence Jesus and show proper respect for Him above all else. Women tend to thrive where they feel loved and accepted which reminds me of the way Jesus loves us unconditionally and went to the greatest possible expense to prove His love and make a way for us to be with Him forever.

Our differences can be a path to spiritual treasure from the Lord

One of our pastors used to say, “If both spouses are exactly the same, one of them is unnecessary.”

What if the differences between my man and myself are intended by God to point me to Him? What if they help me understand His perspective a bit more?

And what if God wants to use my husband’s masculinity that is so different from my femininity and his different personality to help me discover spiritual treasures and gifts and how to better relate to Him?

God can even use my husband’s weaknesses and mistakes to help me grow to become more like Jesus.

And my husband’s strengths are an asset and a gift from the Lord if I am humble and ready to receive it.


The Purpose of Marriage

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