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My husband explained just last year to me that what he really wants in our relationship is pretty simple. For him, it is not a big to-do list. It is not about me being “perfect.” He likes things like for me:
– to genuinely smile and be happy
– to be truly peaceful and not stressed (because if I am stressed, he is stressed)
– to be his friend
– to be a safe, welcoming place for him
– to treat him like a grown adult and equal
– to just sit with him in the evenings, cuddle with him, and enjoy being with him while he watches TV
– not to “try too hard”
– not to ask what I can do for him
– not to ask how I can improve
– to appreciate the many things he does to show his love for me
– to give him time to think and process with decisions
– to honor his parenting
– to use a respectful, friendly tone of voice and friendly facial expression
– to make changes for the family slowly rather than to make sweeping changes all at once (he doesn’t like change very much)

Different men have different lists. Each guy is unique. Some would love for their lady to dress up and doll herself up often. Some would really appreciate a super clean house. Some would enjoy certain kinds of meals every once in awhile. Some men would like for their ladies to ask, “What may I do to bless you today?”

But for a lot of men, what they appreciate most is actually rather simple. I know that I personally tried to make things a lot more complicated than they really were with Greg.

Praying for God’s wisdom and discernment for you in your relationships that you might first focus on honoring and pleasing Christ far above all else, and that you might be able to see the real needs and desires of any godly man with whom you have  a special relationship.

Much love!


If you have talked with a godly guy about what most speaks respect and honor to him in a relationship, and you are free to share, I invite you to share with us.


If you would like to share the things that make you feel most respected and honored in a relationship with a godly woman, you are welcome to share, as well.

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