1381722_29513823This is my newest Youtube video.  My channel is “April Cassidy” – in case you want to check out some other videos there, as well, sometime.  I have videos for single women and married women.

Let me give a little warning – if thinking about marriage right now makes you really depressed, it might be better to read and think about other things.  If thinking about marriage causes discontentment, or makes you want to cry for an hour, it may be wise to avoid reading those things and focus more on the character of Christ and on many other facets of our faith in Jesus and His sovereignty.

There are things I still have to avoid.  I know that if I read about what husbands “should do,” I might start to lose contentment.  It is best for me to avoid romantic movies and books, too. Then I can focus on what I HAVE and be thankful and content in Christ and content in my life where it is right now instead of wishing some things were different.

I realize now that discontentment is a flag that I may be starting to set my heart on something other than Christ.  So I go to Jesus with my discontentment and ask Him to help me tear out any idols and focus on Him.


What are the struggles, frustrations, challenges and painful situations/issues you are facing now?  Let’s talk about them together!  You may leave me a comment about topics you’d like to see me write about.

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