For all those girls who are really annoyed by having guys like them and fawn over them all the time… this one’s for you! 🙂

  • Argue about everything.  Insist you are right and he is wrong.  All the time.  About every possible issue.
  • Tell him his ideas are awful.
  • Act like you are much smarter than he is.
  • Criticize his family.
  • Make little issues MUCH bigger than the relationship.
  • Smother him with attention – call him 10 times a day, text him every 5 minutes.
  • Tell him you want to date him/marry him/have children with him – the sooner the better!
  • Dress in a masculine way, or at least in a very unfeminine and/or sloppy way.
  • Don’t forgive him.  Hold every little mistake against him forever and bring up all his failures often.
  • Squash every dream he dares to share with you and give him a long list of all the reasons his dreams couldn’t possibly work out in reality.
  • Call him terrible names.
  • Yell at him and act like you are his angry mother.  Scold him.
  • Be really aggressive and try to MAKE him like you.
  • Don’t give him any space.  Try to be with him all the time.  Never let him out of your sight.
  • Make a lot of rules that he has to follow to be in your good graces – then change them on him often.
  • Show a lot of uncontrolled emotions often – like crying, sobbing, screaming, and going ballistic over small things.
  • Be the one to ask him out first.
  • Be the one to say. “I love you,” first.
  • Be the one to ask him to marry you.
  • Demand things of him.  Don’t use your manners.
  • Expect way more than he can deliver and be disappointed in him all the time.
  • Give your body to him right away so that he sees you as being “cheap” and not worth waiting and working for.
  • Go on and on and on and on about every feeling you have – don’t leave out any details.
  • Be really sarcastic a lot.  Put him down. Make fun of him.  Humiliate him as much as possible, especially in front of other people.
  • Tell him he doesn’t make enough money for you.
  • Tell him you’re a lot more intelligent than he is.
  • Tell him how much better another guy is  at something.
  • Complain about him to your friends and family.
  • Tell him what to do, how to act, how to dress, what to say, what to eat, how to live, how to do his job, how to fix his problems… order him around a lot.
  • Question his abilities.  Show that you have no faith that he can handle situations.  Make sure he knows you think he is incompetent and incapable.
  • Make sure he knows you look down on him spiritually and that you are much better than him and that you know you are so much closer to God than he is.
  • Demand that he pray with you and read the Bible with you and shame him if he won’t.

It probably won’t take all of these things to repel a guy.  But the more of them you can do each day, the sooner the guy will leave you alone and never come back.


Of course, my real prayer for you is that you will become a godly, feminine, respectful, pleasant, joyful, peaceful, uplifting girl who knows how to build up those around her, attracts godly guys and is a blessing to all who know her!  My prayer for you is that you will attract the man of GOD’S dreams for your life by being the woman of God’s dreams!

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