A guest post by Lee Ann, a Christian single sister in her early 30s:

I recently took a trip to a large store. This particular store requires a membership to shop there. I probably read all of their policies at some point, but I could not tell you the details of the policy. I went last Saturday and it was very crowded. I made my way through the store, getting everything on my list. I spent about an hour loading my cart and then stood in line for about 15 minutes. The cashier rang up all of items as I smiled as I chatted with him about his day. I noticed the screen popped up for me to enter my pin number. I politely told him that it was a credit card. He then told me that they only take one type of credit card, which is not the type I had with me. I had no other form of payment with me. I use my credit card for everything, because I get cash back and it is usually hassle free. It never occurred to me that a store, especially a national store, would not accept this form of payment.

My cheeks started to burn and turn red. I apologized profusely. The cashier had to announce in front of many people that I could not pay and needed a manager to do a total void. I offered to take back all of my groceries, because I hated causing someone extra work and it was my error. I apologized again. I left the store feeling ashamed. Why hadn’t my mother told me I needed a debit card, cash, a personal check, or the one type of credit card they accepted? She shopped there once a week. She had to have known. Why didn’t they have a large sign posted upon entering? If I had known what they required, I would have been prepared. As I was leaving I felt so silly and embarrassed.

I got in my car and started driving home. I was thinking about the events that had just occurred and was taken aback by my next thought. I started crying. Is this how some non-believers will feel on judgment day?

Will they feel ashamed and embarrassed? Am I doing everything within my power to make sure that those around me know the requirement for eternal life with God? Or, do I just assume they know and let folks around me carry on? Are some deceived thinking surely the payment they have will suffice? It may have never failed them before. Do they know Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven?

I am not responsible for anyone’s salvation; I do understand that. But, I would hate to think that I have this knowledge and just assume others know. There are some many false religions and there is so much false doctrine. Are we rising up and fighting for souls that truly are confused and who think that being kind or serving will ensure their salvation?

It sickened me to think about all the lies Satan has fed people. He has fed so many lies to every generation. Sometimes we can get too consumed with our own walk and forget that we are soldiers for Christ. We are called to witness and disciple. Yes, we should definitely be concerned with our walks, but we need hearts that ache for lost and dying souls. We need to be willing to tell them the truth.

God has been wrecking my world lately for His cause. He has allowed me to see situations recently through His eyes. People are hurting. They need the hope that Christ alone can offer. People are dying. They need the salvation that Christ alone give. People are being fed and feasting on lies. They need the solid truth of God’s word to fill their souls.

Are we warriors for God? Are we fighting for our brothers and sisters? Are we seeing beyond our own pain and reaching out to others who are hurting?


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