How to Have a Relationship with Christ

Jesus gives each of us an invitation to know the one and only true God of the universe and to belong to Him. We can know that we have Life in Him here on this earth and that we will be with Him in heaven when we leave this world. Check out the priceless gift Jesus offers to you because He loves you dearly!

My Journey Into Femininity and Modesty

Modesty is not something many of us are taught as young girls today – even in the church. Thankfully, modesty is not about a bunch of restrictive rules or do’s and don’ts. It is about our heart attitude and desire to show respect for God, ourselves, our sexuality, and our brothers in Christ. It is actually a precious gift to us and to those around us.

What Is Godly Femininity?

Posts about Idols

We don’t think about “idolatry” being an issue for us today as Christian women. Most of us are not tempted to bow down to statues in a shrine. But what we don’t realize is that sometimes we put things above Christ in our hearts unknowingly. Perhaps a good exercise this week might be to write down the things you believe you MUST have to be happy in this life, as well as your greatest fears. If there is something you believe you can’t live without, and it is not Jesus, that may be an idol. Or if you have deep fears, things that are the opposite of your fears may be idols.

God, Please! Ask Me for Anything but This!


Posts about Fear

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

God didn’t design His children to live in the clutches and paralysis of fear about anything. I invite you to find victory in Christ over your fear!

Posts about Bitterness

The smallest root of bitterness can quickly begin to grow into an evil tree that takes over our lives. God calls for us to live in the power of forgiveness and grace. If you believe that you are living in bondage to resentment, unforgiveness, or bitterness, there is much hope in Christ! Check out the posts on this topic as you invite God to have total access to the deepest corners of your soul and allow Him to change you to become more like Jesus.

Dealing with Insecurity

So many women live in constant insecurity – thinking they are not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, athletic enough, or attractive enough. This is not the life God has for us, my dear sisters! Let’s examine the wrong thinking behind insecurity together and find healing in Christ!

Finding Real Security

When we discover that the only source of real security is not a man, our looks, having a boyfriend, being married, having children, wealth, a career, luxuries, health, or anything on this earth  – but only in Christ – then we are free to live abundantly! Our security must be in Christ alone!

What Is Attractive/Unattractive to Guys?

We are going to be talking about godly men here – not worldly men. But let’s examine what attracts men and what makes them want to leave. Remember, God calls us all as believers to only marry someone else who is living in full submission to Christ, as Lord, as well.

What Speaks Disrespect to Men

Men and women have very different needs – and most women don’t realize this. More than love, men need to know they are respected. When a man feels disrespected, he feels unwelcome and repelled. Many women are very surprised to see the things that men find to be disrespectful. But when we stop these kinds of things, we can draw our men to us.

How to Bless Our Men with Respect

Discover the world of masculinity that you may have never explored before as you learn the kinds of things that draw men to their women. As we walk in the power of God, He can transform us into the godly women He desires us to be and He can empower us to live out respect toward men and others.

Am I Too Damaged to Have a Godly Marriage One Day?

God calls His people – men and women – to live in sexual purity and chastity. But what happens if someone has sinned in this area, or has been abused sexually? Is there any hope??

Living in Sexual Purity

Our culture says that sexual purity is impossible. But God calls all of His people to live in chastity (sexual purity in thought, motive, word, and deed). What does it look like to live in purity in the power of God in our culture?

The Blessing of Celibacy – by Jason


Am I Ready to Be a Godly Wife?

Let’s do some soul searching to see if we are preparing well for a godly marriage.

Evaluating Red Flags in a Potential Husband

Lots of men claim Christ. How can you know if a man is really living for God? What are some things that signal it is time to slow down and use caution? And what kinds of issues should you work through before going forward with marriage so that you can build a strong marriage?