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Sometimes, we believe the lie that our other brothers and sisters in Christ couldn’t possibly understand what we are going through and couldn’t possibly help us in our times of struggle and weakness. I know that many single women feel that what they face is so very different from the married women. And women often feel that our struggles are so different from those of our brothers in Christ. There are some circumstances and details that are different, to be sure. But, there are so very many lessons that God teaches us no matter what our current circumstances and regardless of our gender or marital status. He is able to use the trials, problems, difficulties, sin of others against us, and our deepest pain to work His beautiful sanctifying work in us to refine us and mature our faith. For one person, it may be the pain of being single and the loneliness and the desire to be loved and accepted by significant other that God uses to draw that person to Himself. For another, it may be the pain of being married to a sinful person and the fact that that sinful person cannot meet all of his/her needs that forces one to look to Christ instead of idolizing people.

No matter what the person’s circumstances, I see God teach believers the same lessons about Himself through each person’s situation, limitations, problems, struggles, suffering, pain, and temptations.

Here are a few of the things I believe we all learn as believers in Christ, you are welcome to share more if  you would like:

  • To live by faith
  • To lay down our fears and allow God’s perfect love to drive away all of our fears, worries, and anxiety
  • To have increasing faith
  • To pray fervently
  • To understand and rest in God’s sovereignty
  • To trust God rather than self
  • To know God more and more
  • To love God more and more
  • To count ourselves dead to sin and to this world and to live by the power of God’s Spirit
  • To be Spirit-filled
  • To learn to see with God’s eyes and to have His mind and heart
  • To love what God loves and to hate what God hates
  • To find contentment in Christ alone regardless of circumstances
  • The sufficiency of Christ
  • That how we love and respect people is a tangible indicator of how much we love and reverence God
  • To walk in the peace of God in the midst of uncertainty and trials
  • To care for those in need
  • To love without strings attached as God does
  • The importance and blessing of painful trials creating growth and maturity in us
  • The importance of a Spirit of unity in the Body of Christ
  • To hear God’s voice
  • To repent of any and every sin immediately and with humility and godly sorrow
  • To watch our motives and test them for biblical soundness
  • To take each thought captive for Christ
  • To fill our role and place in the Body to bless the rest of the Body of Christ for His glory
  • To not hold on to bitterness/resentment/hatred/anger because these things give the enemy a foothold in our lives
  • To look only to Him for our identity, love, acceptance, purpose, fulfillment, contentment, and power – not to things of this world or other people
  • To use our loneliness/disappointment as a flag to remind us to look only to Christ to meet our deepest spiritual and emotional needs
  • To love and hunger for God’s Word and to feast on it daily
  • To seek out more mature believers who will challenge our faith and help us to grow
  • To seek out opportunities to share the Treasure of Christ with others – not in our own strength – but in the wisdom, power, and at the prompting of God’s Spirit
  • To learn to wait on God rather than running ahead with our own wisdom and our own plans
  • To be totally available to God and willing to do anything He might ask us to do at any moment
  • To yield control to Christ
  • To yearn intensely for His presence and His holiness
  • To obey God no matter what the personal cost may be


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