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Some help for the 30 day Modest Skirts/Dresses challenge:

It can feel impossible to find modest clothes at the mall or in most retail clothing stores today. Thankfully, it is not impossible!

Here are a few resources I’ve spotted to help you find modest, feminine, beautiful  clothing – you are welcome to share any sites or stores that you would recommend. (I am not being paid to endorse these companies – just want to share some places that might be helpful.) One site has a really good sale going on this week, so I decided to go ahead and share right away. 🙂

Sierra Brooke – modest, feminine clothing site

Soft Surroundings – amazing long dresses and skirts, a bit more pricey, some of the tops are rather low cut

Shabby Apple – mostly modest and a bit vintage

Neesee’s Dresses – modest site, there is a “modest swimwear” section, but may not be as modest as you might desire

Sweet Salt – modest clothing site – there is a great sale going on right now, very affordable!

Light in the Box – some very beautiful long skirts at reasonable prices, but also has some immodest clothing, as well

HannahLise – a Christian site with long, modest, well-made skirts with no slits

ShellSheli – mostly pencil skirts, skirt extenders, layering shells, and modest blouses

Style J – many long denim skirts

DownEast – modeset dresses and skirts

Chadwicks – lots of modest dresses to choose from

Mode-sty – many long dresses and skirts, and a wide selection of modest swimwear with various levels of coverage

Allure Bridals – Modest Collection wedding dresses

Beautifully Modest – modest wedding gowns

Keep in mind that Wal-Mart and Target have long skirts, especially during the summer months for very reasonable prices. Other options are Hamricks and Catoe’s. You may also find modest things at a very frugal price at yard sales, flea markets, and Goodwill. I often get tops from Wal-Mart or Target, as well.

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