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I am still learning and have much growing to do in my faith in Christ. I think I am pretty much a “toddler” spiritually when it comes to how much more maturity and growth still needs to happen in my soul. There is so much more, I know, that I could experience with God. I know there is a much deeper faith life than I have ever tasted.

How I want to grow big and strong! How I long to let God out of any little “boxes” into which I may have tried to stuff Him. I don’t want to limit Him at all, but give Him free reign in my life to do absolutely anything and everything He desires to do in and through me!

Father, I don’t want to miss out on one thing You have for me! Not one trial. Not one blessing.

I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10

If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea. Isaiah 48:18

One thing I love to do is read about the lives of those believers who have great faith. This past week, I have been reading a little book called “Answers to Prayer” which is a collection of some of the writings of George Mueller (the link is to a free ebook copy). WOW! If you want to see what God wants to do in the lives of those who love Him and live only for His glory and His will, check out George Mueller’s story!

GEORGE MUELLER (photo credit

George Mueller was a faithful believer in Christ in England in the 1800s. He saw how small the faith of so many Christians was. So he decided to open an orphan house. His primary goal was to demonstrate the faithfulness and provision of God to those who seek Him and who are devoted to doing His will alone. His secondary goal was to care for orphans and raise them to know and love Christ.

Mueller never asked for funding for his orphan house. He never posted an advertisement for workers and helpers. He and his wife prayed together for each need and waited on God’s provision. It is absolutely incredible to see what God did for and through this man.

  • Mueller would pray when they had a need for funds. Sometimes, things got very tight, but always, always God provided for their true needs.
  • Mueller prayed for the helpers they needed, and trusted that at the right time, God would send whomever He wished to him. And He did!
  • Always, he prayed about opening a new orphan house and asked God to provide the funding, the land, and all of the materials he needed. And God did, in His perfect timing until he had 5 houses and over 1000 orphans.
  • Mueller prayed for God to bring the children to salvation in Christ. Shortly thereafter, a smallpox epidemic went through the houses. God used that to bring 729 children to know Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • When the boiler was broken and it was a very cold time in winter, Mueller prayed for God to bring a south wind so that the children might not be cold. It had been bitterly cold prior to that, but God did the very thing Mueller asked for. During the few days they had no heat in that house, the temperatures were warm enough from the south winds that the children were well cared for.
  • When the older boys needed apprentice jobs, Mueller prayed for God to bring Christian men to the orphanage to inquire for apprentices. All of the boys who needed jobs were apprenticed out. Although Mueller never posted about it to the public or asked anyone to help.

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It is easy to think that those kinds of answers to prayer are something for Christians who are “super saints” but that the rest of us could not expect God to provide for us so abundantly. But Mueller said he had no special gift of faith. That the faith he had is the same faith that is available to every child of God.

PRAISE GOD for that amazing news! How I pray we will each learn to trust God more and more as Mueller did!

How I limit God so many times! My small faith keeps me from experiencing all that He really wants to do in my life. Can’t God do the same kinds of things and even more for each of us who trust Him fully? ABSOLUTELY! God has not changed! He is sovereign over all of my circumstances. If only I will seek His will and His glory first, He longs to provide for my needs. He is my Good Shepherd who loves me more than I can fathom.

Some asked George Mueller at times what if he had no food for the children and no supplies? He responded:

“Thus indeed it may be, for our hearts are desperately wicked. If ever we should be so left to ourselves, as that either we depend no more upon the living God, or that ‘we regard iniquity in our hearts,’ then such a state of things, we have reason to believe, would occur. But so long as we shall be enabled to trust in the living God, and so long as, though falling short in every way of what we might be, and ought to be, we are at least kept from living in sin, such a state of things cannot occur. Therefore, dear reader, if you yourself walk with God, and if, on that account, His glory is dear to you, I affectionately and earnestly entreat you to beseech Him to uphold us; for how awful would be the disgrace brought upon His holy name if we, who have so publicly made our boast in Him, and have spoken well of Him, should be left to disgrace Him, either by unbelief in the hour of trial, or by a life of sin in other respects.”



Cleanse us from any unbelief! Expand our capacity to receive Your Spirit into ourselves. Expand our capacity for faith. Help us to embrace trials as “the food of faith” as George Mueller calls them. Help us to have the same simple child-like dependence on You that Mueller had. Use this dear brother’s great faith to inspire each of us to the kind of relationship You desire us to have with You. I am convinced that You are more than able to provide for each of us and the work You desire to do in and through us just as abundantly as You provided for George Mueller and his ministry to orphans.

Let us break open the little boxes in which  we try to keep You and set You free to do all that You desire to do in our lives as we trust You more and more each day. Open our eyes to the things You want to do in our lives, our relationships, our families, our careers, our churches, our neighborhoods, and our ministries. Let us see how powerful and mighty You are. Let us stand in total awe of Your presence. Help us to see that our own works are worthless, only what is done in Your power will be effective. Give us eyes to see Your purposes and Your great desires that are so much higher than anything we have ever imagined. Accomplish Your amazing purposes through us. Change us. Empower us to be women (and men) of BIG TIME faith for Your greatest glory alone!



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