Admin note from April-

I will be taking the next week and a half off from blogging and comments to focus on my family during spring break. Thanks for your patience.

Happy Easter! I pray each of us will experience the abdunant Spirit-filled life Jesus offers to each of us through His death and reaurrection. He is the Greatest Treasure there is!



Does my life represent Jesus? This question bounced around in my mind for weeks. I thought that I could honestly answer this question in the affirmative. However, the question went deeper. Would I be an acceptable representation of Christ if a microphone and camera were on me 24/7? I started thinking in depth, and realized that I would not.

In the moment that I tell something about a person to someone else, am I giving God my best witness? In the moment where I am singing the words during worship, but I am not believing them, am I giving God my best worship? If the moment where I lose my temper with a coworker who forgot a simple procedure, am I giving God my best offering of grace? In the moment I pick up a biography for 2 hours and my bible for 5 minutes, am I giving God my use of quiet time? In the moment when I turn my back on a friend because they are too needy, am I giving God my best love? In the moment I approach the throne angry at what God is doing in my life, am I giving God my best trust? In the moment I choose to hold on to bitterness at what God hasn’t blessed me with, am I giving my God my best sacrifice of worship? In the moment I drop my shirt a little lower, am I giving God my best modesty? In the moment I choose to stay angry when someone sinned against me, am I giving God my best forgiveness?

I would venture to say that most of us do not struggle with every single scenario mentioned above. However, I think that most of us can relate to at least one of them, or a few of them. God has been leading me lately to the mindset that everything I do either honors God or it doesn’t. If we are in our right mind, every single action we take is the result of a choice.

We blame Satan for things. I have often heard the phrase, the devil made me do it. Let’s give credit where credit is due. We make the choice to sin. We make the decision not to honor God. Satan can lead us to sin and can tempt us, but he cannot make us sin. It is kind of like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

Every single thing we do, every action we take, is a choice. The more I study the Word, the more I am convinced that I don’t fully understand walking in the Spirit. I don’t fully understand surrender. The minute I choose something over God or His way, is the minute I am choosing to not honor God. The full realization of that statement blindsided me. We don’t get to choose Christianity most of the time, even 95% of the time. God wants 100%. No, He does not demand perfection, because that is impossible for us. But, He does desire us to be sold-out.

Some ways we can give God our best:

  • Give Him the first of our time, spending time in prayer and His word
  • Worship Him because He alone is worthy, no matter our circumstances
  • Choose to offer grace instead of anger
  • Give Him control of your finances
  • Love radically
  • Praise continually
  • Listen for an obey the nudges of the Spirit

God deserves our firsts and our bests. He does not deserve what is leftover of our time, our talent, or our worship. Why do we think it is acceptable to put our time, energy, sweat, and tears into a work project, but not God? How far have we been willing to go for Him? Why do want His very best, but we are content with giving Him our mediocrity? What are some ways you can think of to offer God our best?

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