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My twin sister and I both got married the same summer – 1994. Our parents gave each of us $5000 and said, “If it costs more than that, you pay the extra. If it costs less than that, you keep the extra.”

Greg’s dad was the pastor at our church that averaged about 250 -300 people/Sunday morning. So, the entire church was going to be invited, and, of course, some of my friends from high school, college and my old church as well as out of town family. We may not have been as spiritually prepared for marriage as I thought we were – but one thing I feel like we did well was to stick to a small budget. I also do believe we honored Christ with our wedding. Maybe something we did might inspire you, too?

Here is how we had a beautiful, BIG wedding for over 300 people for about $4000.

  • we had friends do music for free
  • Greg’s generous and talented aunt made the cake as a gift
  • Greg’s generous and talented aunt catered the reception (not a sit down dinner) at cost for $1200
  • we asked a family member to video the wedding for free
  • we hired a family friend to do the photos and he gave us a substantial discount
  • I shared the wedding dress with my sister, so we each paid $250
  • I made my own veil for $20
  • I tried to be kind to my bridesmaids as well, and chose dresses from Chadwick’s catalog for $80 each (although, I could have simply asked each bridesmaid to wear a certain color, and let her choose her own dress. That would have been fine, too!)
  • we had the wedding and reception at our church
  • Greg’s dad was the pastor who performed the ceremony
  • church friends helped to cook and serve and decorate for the rehearsal dinner at the church
  • we chose simple invitations
  • we had no alcohol
  • we had no DJ or dancing
  • the wedding planner was a family friend
  • Greg’s mom made my going away outfit
  • a friend arranged all of the flowers for less than cost as a gift

Keep in mind, you don’t have to follow traditions about flowers, dresses, decorations and food. As long as you and your husband are pleased with what you are doing, and you seek to honor Christ, you can have a unique, beautiful, heart-touching wedding even if it doesn’t follow traditions. If your parents are paying for the wedding, it may be honoring to them to include some things they would appreciate as well, if possible.


If you are planning a wedding or you had a frugal, Christ-centered wedding and you would like to share some ideas with our sisters in Christ, please feel free to do so in the comments!



Please keep in mind, a wedding, a husband and beautiful pictures do not bring lasting satisfaction or contentment. I found that out within a week of getting married! It is only in Christ that we can find real joy, peace and contentment – and we are ALL able to have Him and to have His abundant spiritual life in us whether we are married right now or not.



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decorations in the fellowship hall for the reception

decorations in the fellowship hall for the reception


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reception in the fellowship hall

reception in the fellowship hall as the food was being set out (there was a lot more eventually than what is in this pic!)

going away outfits

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