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(Of course, you must belong to Christ for God to hear your prayers. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, please check out this post about how to do that.)

  • Confess your wrong doing to God.
  • Repent (apologize) to those you have hurt.
  • Try to make restitution for anything you have done wrong against them.
  • Know who you are in Christ!!
  • Know your security, purpose, strength, power, acceptance, love, worth, and everything good is in Christ alone!
  • Put on the armor of God daily.
  • Commit to absolute surrender to Christ as Lord.
  • Stay in God’s Word daily.
  • Live in a constant spiritual posture of humility before God and prayer.
  • Cast your cares upon the Lord. Trust Him fully. Depend on God’s wisdom, power, and strength, don’t trust your own wisdom, strength, or self-effort.
  • Desire to walk in obedience to God and seek to walk in obedience out of gratitude for all God has done – not to earn salvation, but out of thanksgiving for the salvation Jesus bought with His blood on your behalf.
  • Ask God to empower you to take your thoughts captive for Christ.
  • Sing praises and focus on things to be thankful for to God. Think about good things.
  • Trust God to take any vengeance that is necessary. It is His place to take revenge. He will repay.
  • Focus on God’s sovereignty and realize that He can and will bring something good out of even the most awful situations we experience. That is His promise to us as His children.
  • Take up your cross and follow Jesus. Deny yourself. Self will, self-effort, self-exaltation, and human wisdom have no place in our lives as followers of Christ.
  • Get rid of any addictions to anything – drugs/alcohol/gambling/porn/food/etc… Addictions often greatly exacerbate our anger, hatred, and rage against our loved ones. We are not in control, the addiction is. Seek help from Celebrate Recovery.
  • Involve a trusted, wise, godly counselor if you need additional help. Celebrate Recovery has helped people with rage issues, too.
  • If others are not safe with you, it may be necessary to increase emotional/physical space for a time as you seek healing.

For more detail (including Scripture verses for each point) and for a list of practical steps to take, please check out today’s post on my other blog:

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