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Sunday, March 15, 2020, is a National Day of Prayer about the coronavirus in America.

This is the perfect time for believers to unite together in fervent prayer! Every generation faces big-time tests of faith. This is one of our greatest tests. Will we choose fear, discouragement, and defeat? Or will we choose faith in God, joy, hope, peace, and prayer?

Those who know Jesus have access to the heavenly Holy of holies through His sacrifice for us. We may come boldly to Him, as beloved children.


We thank You for Jesus and His death on the cross on our behalf. We praise and thank You that You love us more than we could possibly fathom. We thank You for Your Word and promises to us.

We thank You for the way You have always provided for our physical and spiritual needs in the past. We thank You that You will never leave us or forsake us and that You are going to guide us through this crisis and that You are ready to open up the storehouses of heaven to pour out miracles and blessings even in these trying times.

We humbly approach You for help, knowing this problem is beyond any human ability to fix. We can’t do this. But You can.

We ask for:

  • A spirit of repentance to sweep our land. Open our eyes to all the sin that has been piling up in our lives and in our country. Let us see it clearly and turn from it in disgust, turning to You, instead.
  • Your mercy that You might stop this virus before it reaches its full potential level of destruction.
  • Your greatest glory. Use this crisis for much good for Your kingdom. Soften people’s hard hearts to the gospel. Embolden believers to share that hope that is found in Christ alone. Let people see that they don’t have to face this crisis or even death with fear if they know You.
  • Your divine wisdom for all of our leaders in every area of our country. Help us all seek Your wisdom that we might make good decisions that will save lives and benefit everyone.
  • Your protection over our elderly and vulnerable. We ask for Your protection and blessings over our families, our churches, our communities, our coworkers, our medical workers, our businesses, and our neighbors.
  • Your provision. This shaking is causing us to realize that You are the only One who is unshakable. Jobs seem unstable. The economy could be dramatically affected. None of us know what will happen. But You do! We look to You to provide for our families, loved ones, and communities. We ask You to allow us to be able to get the things we really need.
  • Contentment. Help us to be content with shelter, food, and clothing for today. Help us not to worry about tomorrow because You taught us that each day has enough trouble of its own. Help us rest in Your love, Your promises, and Your goodness.
  • Your Spirit of unity. Please cleanse us all from the spirit of division, hatred, and the flesh. Let us unite in Your Spirit and come together to care for one another and to seek You together.
  • Your will. We ask that You do what is ultimately best for us all in light of eternity. We ask that You open many people’s eyes to their need for Christ. Empower us to hold onto You even if things get very bumpy. 
  • Your healing for us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We ask for You to use this crisis to help us focus on what matters—our relationship with You and with other people. Help us to see any skewed thinking or lies we have built our lives on. Help us to see where we have inadvertently opened doors to the enemy. Help us to tear away the lies and build on Your truth alone. Cleanse us of all sinful thoughts, words, and actions. Cleanse us from dysfunctional ways of relating. Heal our hurting relationships, churches, and communities. Empower us to make our lives right with You and with each other as far as it depends on us. We invite You to miraculously protect and heal people in ways that doctors can’t explain. Help everyone see Your power and the power of Your faithful people.
  • Your eternal perspective. Help us to see beyond this temporary crisis to eternal rewards and stakes. Help us to see Your mercy in the wakeup calls You have been giving around the world. Help us to be busy doing Your work by Your Spirit’s power. Let us focus on praising and thanking You and encouraging and loving others with Your love. Bring a massive harvest into the kingdom of Christ. Give us eyes to see that we might be useful to help work in the harvest, sharing Your love and gospel with many.


We invite You to do miracles and things far beyond anything we could ask for, hope for or imagine. It’s time for us to live what we say we believe. Cleanse us of all unbelief, doubt, and fear. Let us become strong in our faith and let us live by Your Spirit, not our flesh. Help us to embrace this refining fire and give you total freedom to do all that You want to do in our hearts and lives.

We choose to trust You and we humbly throw ourselves on Your mercy.

Help us overcome the obstacles and challenges with Your strength. In our weakness, You are strong. We look to You alone to help us at this time. Show us the way forward. Help our entire nation humble ourselves and repent of every sin and turn to You for healing and hope.


If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chron. 7:14


Write your own prayer and share with us.

Much love to each of you!

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. 

Matt. 18:20


Look Upward – to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His salvation

Look Inward – to your sin and allow God to cleanse you and heal you

Look Outward at Others – in divine new ways

Look Forward – to the good plans God has for you here (to make you more like Jesus) and to eternity!

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