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We gather together as sisters (and brothers) in Christ to praise Your Name and to thank You for Jesus, for the Bible, for life, and for the countless blessings You have given to each of us. You alone are God! There is no other. You alone are worthy of all of our praise! You are sovereign. You hold all wisdom. You created the entire universe and You sustain it by Your power. You accomplish Your purposes and no person can thwart Your plan. Even Satan is subject to You and can do nothing without Your permission. And the evil he does You are able to use for good. You are good. You are holy. You are just. You hate sin. You judge the wicked. You are the God You proclaim Yourself to be in the Bible and we accept You and receive You as You present Yourself to us. We reverence You above all other things and above all other people.

Change our hearts, Lord. Open our eyes to any sin that is contaminating us in Your sight. Show us any pride, lust, self-righteousness, bitterness, unholy anger, greed, idolatry (things we want more than we want Jesus), unforgiveness, deceit, scorn, resentment, hatred, malice, fornication, adultery, addictions (to anything), materialism, humanism, false teachings, lies, unbelief in You, unbelief in Your Word, apathy, and any other sin. Convict us. Bring us to godly sorrow over our wrongdoing. Let us turn completely away from our sin and toward You, Jesus! We ask for Your forgiveness. We yield to You as the Savior and Master of our lives each moment.

Change us! Fill us with Your Spirit. Make us the women (and men) of God that You call us to be. Cause us to rise to be a holy, faithful, godly generation in Your sight. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in our lives and all around us as it is in heaven. Provide for our needs today, please. Give us Your mind, Your heart, Your Spirit, Your passion. Let us love what You love and hate what You hate. Let us unfriend this world so that we can be friends with You. Let us throw off any worldliness or ungodliness. Let us clothe ourselves with Christ and receive all that You have given us from Your finished work on the cross on our behalf. Let us walk in victory over sin. We are dead to sin, we are no longer slaves to sin but we are now instruments of righteousness! Cleanse us. Transform our minds. Renew our thinking by the power of Your Word. Restore our souls so that we are overflowing with Your living water. Let us desire You and Your presence above all else. FAR above all else. Let us see that You are the greatest Treasure there is. Let us long for You and be content in You alone no matter what our circumstances may be.

In the Name and power of Christ,




If there is anything you would like for others to pray about with you or for you,  please leave a comment. Or if you would like to share a prayer for this group or for the Body of Christ in general, please leave a comment and pray with us.

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