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(Gentlemen, you are welcome to pray with us, as well, in the comments.)

  • Thus, in Satan’s hand, the first creation has become the old creation, and God’s primary concern is no longer with that but with a second and new creation. He is bringing in a new creation, a new kingdom and a new world, and nothing of the old creation, the old kingdom or the old world can be transferred to the new. It is a question now of those two rival realms, and of which realm we belong to.
  • You would like to have the light on in order to read. There is a reading lamp on the table beside you. What do you do? Do you watch it intently to see if the light will come on? Do you take a cloth and polish the bulb? No, you get up and cross over to the other side of the room where the switch is on the wall, and you turn the current on. You turn your attention to the source of power and when you have taken the necessary action there the light comes on here. So in our walk with the Lord our attention must be fixed on Christ. “Abide in Me, and I in you” is the divine order… We do not try to produce fruit or concentrate upon the fruit produced. Our business is to look away to Him. As we do so He undertakes to fulfill His Word in us.
  • God does not give individuals individual experiences. All that they have is only an entering into what God has already done. It is the “realizing” in time of eternal things. The history of Christ becomes our experience and our spiritual history; we do not have a separate history from His. The entire work with respect to us is not done in us here but in Christ. He does no separate work in individuals apart from what He has done there. Even eternal life is not given to us as individuals: the life is in the Son, and “he that hath the Son hath the life.” God has done all in His Son, and He has included us in Him’ we are incorporated into Christ… “God has put me in Christ, and therefore all that is true of Him is true of me. I will abide in Him.” Satan is always trying to get us out, to keep us out, to convince us that we are out, and by temptations, failures, suffering, trial, to make us feel acutely that if we were in Christ, we should not be in this state, and therefore, judging by the feelings we now have, we must be out of Him; and so we begin to pray. “Lord, put me into Christ.” No! God’s injunction is to “abide” in Christ, and that is the way of deliverance… Because it opens the way for God to take a hand in our lives and to work the thing out in us. It makes room for the operation of His superior power – the power of resurrection (Romans 6:4, 9-10) – so that the facts of Christ do progressively become the facts of our daily experience, and where before “sin reigned” (Romans 5:21) we make now the joyful discovery that we are truly “no longer … in bondage to sin” (Romans 6:6). As we stand steadfastly on the ground of what Christ is, we find all that is true of Him becoming experimentally true in us.
  • So often we go to the wrong place to find death of self. It is in Christ. We have only to look within to find we are very much alive to sin; but when we look over there to the Lord, God sees to it that death works here but that “newness of life” is ours also. We are “alive unto God” (Romans 6:4,11)
  • It was the work of God to put you (in Christ) and He has done it. Now stay there! Do not be moved back to your own ground. Never look at yourself as though you were not in Christ. Look at Christ, and see yourself in Him. Abide in Him. Rest in the fact that God has put you in His Son, and live in the expectation that He will complete His work in you. It is for Him to make good the glorious promise that “sin shall not have dominion over you” (Romans 6:14).


You are good. You are holy. You are worthy of all of our devotion, sacrifice, praise, worship, desire, reverence, awe and love. You alone are sovereign. You are the King of kings and Lord of lords. You hold every atom and every galaxy in Your hands. Your purposes cannot be thwarted. You accomplish all that You desire to accomplish in Your universe. We are in awe of Your creation, Your wisdom, Your holiness, Your unending love, Your unspeakable mercy and grace.

I lift up every woman (and man) who reads this blog and every person who belongs to You around the world. Draw us closer to Yourself. Open our eyes to the spiritual treasures and truths of Your Word. Open our eyes to our sin. Let us repent of every trace of sin both individually and corporately. Cleanse us. Send a Great Movement of Your Spirit among us to cause us in this generation to rise up to become a holy, godly, righteous generation by Your power and for Your glory. Help us to see the lies of the world and the enemy. Let us embrace Your truth. Let us completely submit our lives to You in total obedience and trust. Empower us to be faithful to You and to love You with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength. And let us love others with the very love of God.

Use us to shine brightly for Christ in our homes, in our families, in our churches, in our neighborhoods at our jobs and everywhere we go. Let the things of this earth become unimportant to us and let the things of heaven, the things that matter to You, Your desires, Your will, Your priorities, Your wisdom, Your purposes, Your passions become our greatest desires and priorities.

I pray for healing for each soul here. I pray for Your healing for each one who is troubled by sin, temptation, disease, trial, suffering and pain. I trust each one into Your sovereign, loving hands. Grant us BIG faith in You, Lord! I pray for You to cause all of these things to work for Your glory and our ultimate good. I pray for those who are not believers among us  to come to You and to know You and to possess Your eternal life. I pray for You to make us more and more like Jesus. Help us to embrace You even in the difficult times and help us to learn everything we can and to absorb Your truth. Make us more and more like Christ. Let Your perfect will be done in each of our lives. Let us abide in You continually and live in the center of Your resurrection power.

Let us know that we, our old sinful selves, are dead in Christ – buried with Him 2000 years ago. Let us understand that we are dead to this world and alive to God in Christ. Open our eyes to understand what glory this means for us! Let us live in Your power and in Your life. Let us stay near You. Nourish us with Your Word and flood our souls with Your Spirit. Let us desire You more than anything and let us be content in You alone. Let us understand that sin no longer has power over us because of what You did to sin on the cross. And let us understand that we are raised to walk in new life with You – that we are alive to You and dead to sin and the world. Let us live in this glorious truth every moment of every day, thanking and praising You for what You have done for us in Christ. You destroyed our sin. You destroyed our sinful nature. You have given us a new life and new hearts and a new Spirit. Thank You for all you have done – show us how to walk in Your power moment by moment in the victory You have already won for us in Christ.

In the Name and power of Christ,


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