From Trina (a single Christian sister in her 30s):


We humbly come before You and ask that You give us wisdom liberally. Increase our faith. Equip us daily to walk in obedience, by the power of Your Holy Spirit.
We contend with so many distractions. Help us to keep our priorities straight, keeping You front and center in our lives. We desire a closer walk with You. Help us to make sufficient quiet time in our schedules to spend with You in prayer, and in Your word, away from the noise and cares of this life.
We pray that we are able to clearly hear Your voice so that we can follow Your instructions.

Give us renewed strength, that we will keep pressing on, and not be weary in well doing. Help us to be godly in a world where there is so much ungodliness. Use us for Your divine purposes. We pray that Your light shines through us in this dark world.
We pray for wisdom concerning the upcoming elections. May Your perfect will be done. You know the plans that You have. You put down one ruler and raise up another. We pray for our leaders’ salvation, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and protection.

As this nation continues on a path toward moral bankruptcy, many are vexed and heartbroken about the conditions. How much more it must grieve You!

But only You can change the hearts and minds of the people. We pray that You use circumstances and events that unfold to turn the hearts of many back to You. We pray for revival and a Great Awakening. Continue to send laborers into Your harvest.  Enable each of us to do our part, doing the work that You have for us to do.  We ask that You continue to bless, protect and keep us and our loved ones. Thank You for Your provision. We praise and thank You for what You are doing, and for what is to come.

We ask all these things in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

From April:

I thank and praise You for what You are doing in this group of women and men. Thank You for Your goodness, power, omnipotence, holiness, justice, love, mercy, and sovereignty. We thank and praise You for Your faithfulness to each of us. We praise You for the treasure and power of Your Word. We thank You for the freedom we have to assemble here and to share Your truth and to encourage, love, pray for, and exhort one another.
Open our eyes to any unbiblical thinking. Expose any lies of the enemy we have believed or any sin we may be cherishing in our hearts. Show us anything we have exalted above You in our minds and souls. Every “high thing” in our lives must come down! Let us be willing to forsake ALL for You! Change us. Cleanse us. Prune us – even if it is painful.
We long for You alone. Let You be our one desire! If we have You, let us be content and let us rejoice because we have the Greatest Treasure there is. Let us not put our hope in worldly things or people.
Deepen our faith. Call us to go ever higher with You on the mountain tops. Let us be willing to sacrifice much time to be with You. Let us be willing to obey You unquestioningly in every circumstance – from the smallest thing You ask of us to the biggest thing. Empower us by Your Spirit to become godly women and men, a holy generation, leaving a legacy of godliness to those who come behind us. Let us handle Your Word rightly.
We open our hearts to give You total access to every corner of our minds and thoughts. Transform us by Your power. Make us more like You. We are willing to surrender all, to yield control to You alone. You are the Master. We are the servants. You are the Potter. We are the clay. Make of each of our lives something that is beautiful and that will bring glory to Your Name – we seek only Your will and deep fellowship with You. Let Your Spirit work in powerful, mighty ways in our midst like nothing any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes!

Let our nation come to You in humility and repentance – starting with the people of God! Our wound is beyond cure and grievous. No person or group of people can heal our country spiritually but You. We look to You, our Great Physician. Draw Your people to Yourself. Cause us to rise to be a holy generation for Your glory. Bring many to Christ who are lost. Let the Gospel spread powerfully around the world to every nation, tribe, and language.
Nothing matters but Your pleasure and Your approval. Help us to truly receive and live all that Jesus has provided for us. Let us receive the springs of Living Water that He offers to us. Let us live like we belong to the King of kings and Lord of lords – not like we are spiritual paupers.
Open our blind eyes. Let us see You clearly and ourselves clearly. Change our hearts to love what You love, to desire what You desire, and to hate what You hate. Accomplish Your purposes and Your will in and through each of us. Let Your kingdom come in our lives and our spheres of influence – and let it begin in each of us.
In the Name and power of Christ,


If you would like to pray for all of the readers here, you may do so privately, or you may share a prayer for everyone in the comments.


Much love in Christ!


Check out to watch a webcast from last Friday night where tens of thousands of believing women from around the world prayed for our world, for our nations, for revival, for the church, for families, and for believers and the lost! God is at work in mighty ways!

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