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hands to the sky


Sovereign and Mighty Lord,

  • Draw him to yourself. Let him know you more and more.
  • Let him have Your full presence and power in his life.
  • Accomplish Your good purposes in his life for Your greatest glory.
  • Use him in your kingdom.
  • Let him be the man YOU desire him to be, not the man I desire him to be.
  • Bless his career, let him be able to use all of his talents, intelligence, abilities, gifts and experience to make the world a better place.
  • Give him Your vision, Your passion, Your dream for his life and Your desires.
  • Let him be a man after Your own heart.
  • Let him leave a godly legacy to bless all who come behind him.
  • Let him be a man who is fully consecrated to You.
  • Let him abide in You and be full of Your Spirit and Your power.
  • Tear down every stronghold of the enemy in his life, not to accomplish my will, but to accomplish Your will.
  • Give him a wife who does him good and not evil all the days of her life.
  • Give him a wife who will genuinely respect and see the good in him and who will greatly bless him – and if it is Your will, please let me be that wife.
  • Give him Your wisdom to lead. Thank You that You are sovereign over his life and decisions. I trust You.
  • I trust him to Your hands. You are God, I am not.
  • I trust You to be able to speak to Him, I will not try to take the place of the Holy Spirit.
  • Give him BIG faith in you. Accomplish mighty things through him.

and some things we can pray for ourselves and the church:


  • Convict me of every single sin! I don’t want to sin! I hate sin because it grieves and hurts Your heart. I never want to bring You more pain! I want to be clean in Your sight. Cleanse me and make me holy as You are holy.
  • I need You desperately every moment!
  • I want to be completely full of Your Spirit, Your presence, Your power, Your purpose, Your identity and Your glory!
  • Let my life count for You and for Your kingdom!
  • I don’t need anything else. I only need You. I must have You, Jesus! If I have Your Spirit and Your Word and am abiding in You, I have EVERYTHING! You are the Greatest Treasure. You are all I want and all I need.
  • I completely devote all that I am and all that I have to You. I hold nothing back. You are in charge. You are my LORD. I consecrate myself to You alone.
  • I want to obey You and please You in everything.
  • Give me the power to be faithful to You!
  • Let me be able to hear “Well done, My good and faithful servant” from Your lips when I stand before You when this short life is over.
  • Let me love my future husband with Your love!
  • Let me love what You love and hate what You hate.
  • Let me deeply want what You want.
  • Let me care about Your will much more than my will. I sacrifice all that I want in order to have all that You want.
  • Flood my heart with thanksgiving and Your praises!
  • Shine through me! Let the world see Your light brightly and clearly through my life.
  • Show me where I am not obeying You. I want to repent humbly and seek Your ways and Your wisdom.
  • You have all wisdom. I do not.
  • I humble myself and get down on my face before You – in trembling and fear and reverence and awe.
  • I worship you with all my heart! You are more than worthy of all that I have to give!
  • I pour contempt on all my pride.
  • I am but dust. You are glorious and exalted! Let me decrease and You greatly increase in my life!
  • Let Your Spirit move in a mighty way in me. Draw me to Yourself.
  • Open my heart and soul to absorb all that I can from Your Word and Your Spirit each day.
  • Let me be one with You!
  • Give me Your love for others.
  • Let Your Spirit move among Your people. Send a Great Awakening in my life, my church, my country and around the world for Your glory!
  • Use me to share Jesus by Your power!
  • Send more workers into the great harvest to share the love and truth and the gospel of Christ with every person on this planet!
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