I believe that insecurity is one of the greatest struggles many women face and that it is often rooted in our attempts to find security in people or things other than in Christ alone. I have a lot of posts about this issue that I believe may bless you – so I wanted to round up a bunch of them and put them in one place. This issue seems to span single women from young to old and married women of every age, as well. I don’t want any of my sisters in Christ to continue suffering like this. I would encourage you – if this is an issue in your life – to read some of these posts and to find your security in Christ alone – then you will never have to feel insecure in any human relationship.

Much love to each of you! If you want to talk about this topic, let me know. If you feel we need to go deeper into the problem of insecurity, please let me know about that, as well.


Roots of Insecurity, Low Self-esteem, Sinful Jealousy, and a Desire to Control

My ONLY Source of Security

I Can’t Go on Like This! I Need to Change! – a Guest Post about insecurity and unfounded jealousy

Healing for Destructive Jealousy – by Truly Blessed about insecurity and unfounded jealousy

Trying to Find Security in All the Wrong Places

Being Needy and Clingy Will Repel Your Guy

How to Make Your Guy/Relationship an Idol

Fear Fuels Our Need to Control

Facing Our Deepest Fears

Experiencing God’s Victory over Fear


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