Some tips for family get-togethers:

– Smile and look at your man when he is talking and listen to him with interest.

– If people are nosy and ask, “Are you dating yet?”  “When are you getting engaged?”  “When are you getting married?”  Smile and look at your guy and let him handle those questions and don’t get angry at his answer!  Be patient and let him decide when it’s best for those things to happen!  Do not rush him later in private.

– Don’t interrupt him.

– Don’t pout if he goes to talk with the men and leaves you with the women (or for any other reason!).

– Don’t correct his story-telling.

– Praise him genuinely in front of others.

– Don’t answer for him.

– Do NOT criticize him, speak negatively of him or use non-verbal disrespect (eye rolling, sighing, looking impatient, scowling, daggers in your eyes).

– Do NOT join in with other women bashing their men!!!!  Even if he never knows about it, putting your man down in front of other people is extremely disrespectful and it will taint your ability to respect him.

– Smile and enjoy the blessing of being with your guy and family – who knows if you will ever have this privilege again?  Life is short – enjoy the gift of today!

– Do not complain or argue – that ruins your witness for Christ and it can ruin the whole atmosphere for everyone.

– Do not be a martyr!  Ask for help if you need it!  If you can’t do something without feeling resentful – don’t do it – or recruit help cheerfully!

– Don’t correct his manners.

– Don’t correct his pronunciation.

– Don’t insinuate he doesn’t make enough money.

– Be content with him and what you have.

– Find your strength, joy, identity and purpose in Christ!!  Then you won’t feel compelled to drown your man with your needs that only Jesus can fulfill.

– Let your guy make his own decisions.  Don’t try to force him to do things your way.  You may politely ask for what you would prefer – but then cooperate with his decision (unless he is asking you to sin).

– Make sure there will be some of your his favorite dishes if possible.

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