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I had the opportunity to look through some issues of a Christian magazine for girls that I had never read before – Girlz 4 Christ. The magazine is full of stories from teenage girls and women about their relationship with Jesus and things they have learned through facing trials and challenges. I really loved the articles I read. So encouraging and inspiring to help girls focus on living by faith in Christ! I loved the focus on godly femininity and how the magazine allows girls to submit articles to share – regular Christian girls who may never have written for a magazine before. They also have more experienced writers, as well. So there is a large range of voices contributing to the magazine which I greatly appreciate. The more women’s stories, the better, in my view!

There were articles with ideas about how to get the most out of reading the Bible and about how to encourage meditating on God’s Word. There are also articles with creative ideas for crafts and recipes that would be fun to try. I especially loved the true stories that featured various girls around the world and how they are serving God passionately and the articles about how to grow in Christ and how to learn to hear God’s voice. What a beautiful thing to have some real life role models in our faith! I was also glad to see an article from last fall to help girls better understand how guys think and about the beauty and value of modesty.

You can subscribe to the magazine for free at the site below.

Check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂 It is especially geared toward teens, although pre-teens and young women may also enjoy it. This could also be a wonderful resource for a younger sister, friend, niece, or daughter who is seeking to live for God and who might appreciate some encouragement.

Much love!



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