On this blog, you will read about submission, honoring God, seeking to please God, dying to self, and giving up our dreams for God’s will. You will find posts about preparing for God’s design for marriage and learning about godly femininity.

Does this mean that we believe ladies are beneath men? Does this mean that God is a controlling dictator that we dare not anger for fear of Him? Does this mean that we are not allowed – as women – to have hopes, fears, and dreams? No! No! No! and, No! What, then, does this all mean? Christians will use phrases and speak of concepts that make sense in our world, but they might be a bit confusing if this a new area for you.

When we say make Jesus Lord of your life, being saved, becoming a child of God, or accepting Christ as Savior – what does this mean?

The Bible says that the penalty of sin is death. (Romans 6:23) Since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, we are all exposed to earthly death. We are born and we will die. Because of their sin (and our own), we are subject to eternal death, which is life after death apart from God in hell. Every single human being who has walked this earth (except for Jesus- who was 100% God and 100% man) are destined for hell unless there is some kind of intervention. We are all wretched sinners on our own. (Romans 3:23)

In the Old Testament, folks were promised a Messiah. He was promised to deliver the Jewish people. You might wonder what was so special about Christ and why His birth and death were so significant. Christ was the long-awaited Messiah. He was born of a virgin and came to us as a child (Luke 1 &2), growing into a man of about 30, when he began His ministry (Luke 3:23). He was sinless (1 John 3:5). Though innocent, He was accused of blasphemy (John 10:30-33).

Jesus Christ was tortured. The soldiers placed a crown of thorns on his head and a robe on his body to mock Him. He was made to carry His own cross. They gambled for His clothing. He was crucified, which means He was nailed to a cross so that he might die the most horrific death possible in excruciating pain. They pierced His side. All of this was true to the prophecies. (John 19)

Why would a part of the Godhead, Jesus Christ, who was sinless and perfect, come to earth to die? He did it so that we may have life eternal with Him. We could never make atonement (payment) for our sins. There never has and never will be a sinless human to walk this planet. The Old Testament mandated that a lamb was to be slaughtered on the eve of Passover. Passover was celebrated since the original Passover in Eqypt, in which the God passed over the Hebrew homes with the lambs’ blood on the door (Exodus 12) – so their firstborn sons did not die like the Egyptians’ firstborn sons did.  Jesus was crucified on the eve of Passover. This was significant because He would become the ultimate sacrifice and animal sacrifices would no longer be needed. This is why Jesus is often referred to as the Lamb of God.

Nothing we will ever speak of on this blog matters more than making Jesus Christ Lord of your Life. This means that you believe that He died for your sins and that He is the only way to gain eternal life. It means that you acknowledge that you could never atone (pay, or make things right with God) for your own sins, and that the perfect sacrifice, Christ’s death, was required as payment for your sins. It is the realization and acceptance that God is holy and just and that if you believe that Jesus died for your sins, you are free from the debt owed to God. Christ paid your debt. For Him to be your Lord means that you give control of every part of your life to Him from this point on and you live in gratitude for His death for you and you desire to know and love Him far above anything and anyone else.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and you would like to make Him your Lord and Savior, please comment. We would love to pray with you and talk with you. If you have questions about making Him Lord of your life, please let us know. Nothing we speak about will make complete sense without Jesus as Lord of your life. We love you ladies (and gentlemen) so very much. We want to see everyone walk in the freedom of Christ and to accept the precious gift of His salvation.

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