I need some single women who desire Christ more than ANYTHING in their lives – to share some info with me that might bless our brothers in Christ.

Attraction seems to be a big issue – and one of the primary hang ups for many of you – one of the biggest reasons some strong, godly believers are not romantically involved with someone.

The world has plenty of advice on this issue.

I don’t really want to pattern things after the world here.

I want to hear from the girls who desire to honor God in everything and to completely submit to His will:

1. What causes you to feel attraction to a godly guy?  Please be brutally honest here.  Looks?  Personality?  Love for God?  Character?  Conversations?

2. When you have felt intensely attracted to a godly man, was it immediate, or did it happen over time?  Or have you experienced both scenarios?

3. Has there ever been a time when you met a godly man, and weren’t initially attracted to him, but you grew to have a deep attraction to him over time?  If so, can you talk about what specifically caused your heart to change towards him?

4. Why do you believe so many  Christians girls date guys or become interested in guys who are not believers?

5. What has your experience been romantically with Christian single men – good or bad?

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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