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We are having a big discussion over at today about how husbands are attracted to their wives even when the wives don’t have the “perfect body.”

It can be really confusing for women because we get so many messages from the media and other women and even men sometimes that we must look like a swimsuit model in order to attract men.  I don’t believe that is actually true.  But what would be really helpful, in my view, is if some Christian single men might be able to comment on this topic so that the women can understand how men really feel and not be enslaved to the pressure of the world to have artificial external beauty.

You are welcome to answer as many or as few as you would like.  I would appreciate constructive comments, please. 🙂

1. Is it possible for Christian men to be attracted to real women who are not airbrushed, who have not had surgery, who may not be “perfect” in the eyes of the world?  And if so, could you elaborate on that, please?

2. Men appreciate their girlfriends/wives dolling themselves up a bit for them.  But how far does this need to go?  Do you expect a girl you date/marry to work out for 1 hour 7 days/week?  Do you expect her to be on an extremely strict diet?  Do you expect her to never look like she ages at all or you will lose all attraction towards her?  What if she gains 10 or 20 pounds after having children?  How affected to you think you might be?

3. Some women take being thin or “perfect” to extremes and become obsessed with exercise or not eating or with purging (anorexia, bulemia, etc).  What do you think when you see a woman who abuses her body like that in order to attempt to achieve some kind of physical perfection?  Would you want to date a woman with issues like this – why or why not?  What would you say to your Christian sisters who believe that no man would ever be attracted to them unless they go to such extremes?

4. If a girl you wanted to marry didn’t have proportions that are socially acceptable – would you insist on her having surgery to try to look more attractive?  Why or why not?

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Thanks so much!

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