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Do you feel the warmth in the air? Do you hear the birds chirping and see the flowers blooming? Spring is here to warm our bodies and our hearts. Spring raises our thermostats and our expectations. It brings new hope, new dreams and new love.


Spring is my favorite season. I think it has to do with newness: the newness in the air, the new weather, new flowers, new possibilities. It is not just that the weather is warmer, it is that people are warmer. There is something about spring that allows people to hope again. The gloomiest of seasons, old man winter, melts away and reveals the soil which is the key to new life. The soil was never dead, it has just been dormant covered over by snow and ice.

Love is in the air in the Spring. You can see the hope for romance. People are able to go out and about frolicking in the warmer weather, keeping an eye out for someone they might call their own; and those who are spoken for find new life in their own relationships as the weather warms and the days grow longer.


The spring reminds us that we were made for love. This love we are made for is something bigger than anything or anyone in creation can fill. This love is unconditional. Deep in our soul we all crave to be loved for who we are and not for what we do, what we own or what we look like.


We desperately want to know that we measure up just the way we are. If we could simply relax in the company of someone who loves us unconditionally, then we could have pure confidence that this person would never leave us, reject us or abandon us; and somehow we know that in this great love affair we could come to purely love ourselves unconditionally as well.


The truth is we were made for this unconditional love. We can receive this love through the Creator of the universe when we simply receive Jesus Christ into our hearts. God sent His dear beloved son to earth to live perfectly for us, to die for us and to rise to new life for us; so that we can be restored to God completely and experience this great love.


Without this love we often try to feed our souls with all sorts of things such as romance, status, the accumulation of money or things; but the truth is we were made for unconditional love. God’s love is radical, relentless, unfailing and extravagant. When we come to Jesus and exchange our sin, sickness, despair and pain we can receive His righteousness, health, joy and well-being. God gives us beauty for ashes, peace for anxiety and comfort for pain.


When we begin this relationship with Jesus we can know that we always have an advocate with the Father (1 John 2:1). We can know that we are righteous because of Jesus’s finished work on the Cross and not our own self-efforts. How we start this relationship through grace is how we sustain this relationship through grace (Galatians 3:3). And amazingly enough, when we receive the abundant supply of grace and the gift of righteousness we reign in life (Romans 5:17).


So in this new love affair with God we can come to Him and receive a supernatural rest and a peace that transcends understanding. When we spend time with Him daily in prayer, in worship and/or in reading the Word, we will find our priorities align with His, we will sense what decisions to make and paths to take, and solutions will come with ease as we walk with a greater sense of purpose and destiny.


Even if you think that it is too late for you or you have messed up too far, remember God gave us spring for a reason. Everything in creation is here to remind us of God’s invisible attributes. It is not too late for you (Romans 1:20). Spring represents the rebirth we can receive from Jesus.


The Bible is full of ordinary people who prayed to an extraordinary God and saw their lives radically changed. Joseph was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery and he became second in command of all of Egypt. Esther was an orphan in a country not her own and she became queen over that country. Ruth was a widow in a strange land and she married the most sought after bachelor, Boaz. David was a shepherd who stood up to a giant and eventually became King over Israel. Saul was the chief persecutor of the Church of Jesus Christ and he became Paul, the chief apostle to the faith. And the outcast woman of ill-repute had her sins washed clean, her slate made new by Jesus Christ, and she became the first witness to the resurrection.


All of these people had one thing in common: An omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent King of the Universe who was there for them, who never gave up on them and in His perfect timing catapulted them into their destiny.


Everyone of them spent time bathed in the love of God as every caterpillar goes through a cocooning process to become a butterfly. It may not look like anything is happening during that period but if you look inside the cocoon you would see the transformation process at work. The caterpillar’s old body is going through metamorphosis and being transformed into a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar was under gravity and now the butterfly will be above it.


When we receive Jesus Christ into our hearts and we meditate on His grace and unfailing love, we begin to be transformed from the inside out. Maybe no one can tell on the outside but we will eventually sprout wings, and we will live life far above gravity and not under it as we remain in the love of Christ.


If you have had a season in life where you felt that hope was dead or if you have given up on things ever changing or being different then know: Spring is here! The soil that was dormant represents your heart. Simply receive Jesus into your heart and you will receive new life. Allow His unconditional love to permeate your being and know that in due time God will bring about a new season of life, love and possibilities! Know always that with Jesus Christ the best is yet to come!


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