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(Note – I am assuming that you are seeking to live wholeheartedly for Christ and that you would only date/court a man who wants to submit his life fully to Christ.)


Blessing a man you love is really pretty simple – they don’t ask for a lot, honestly.  But this does require the power of God’s Spirit filling us to overflowing because men have some needs that are different from our own. If we are not careful – we will expect them to think, talk, and act like women, and we will try to love them the way we want to be loved. Men have their own special way of feeling loved. A lot of is it about treating them with respect.

Do these things on this list – not to manipulate your man or to get what you want – but just to bless him and honor Christ. Our men can tell when we are insincere or when we are trying to manipulate. And even more importantly, our motives matter greatly to God!

1. Assume the best.
2. Seek to understand rather than to condemn.
3. Be filled up with God – joyful, content, and at peace in Christ.
4. Be his friend.
5. Be loyal – keep confidences.
6. Speak highly of his family.
7. Say positive things to your man and about him behind his back.
8. Be flexible.
9. Be interested in his world.
10. Accept him as he is.




Godly Femininity

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