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Every little 2-4 year old girl knows how to wrap her Daddy around her little finger. It is not by demanding her way or telling her Daddy what to do and how to do it! No! She knows that if she smiles sweetly at her Daddy, and tells him “You’re the BEST Daddy in the world! You’re so big and strong! You can do ANYTHING, Daddy!” – she’s got him! And he is deliriously happy to be had – all because of his sweet little girl’s feminine powers of admiration and respect.

Single women, you have SO MUCH POWER over guys – you just have to know what it is and be very careful to use it only for God’s glory and for the benefit and blessing of the guys you build up. The two major things to work on are your abilities to:

1. RESPECT and ADMIRE a guy – This must be genuine, sincere admiration for character qualities. When you are with a group of guys at church, or at work – or really anywhere – you can practice seeing godly attributes in the guys in your group and building them up. When they do something heroic, good, Christlike, generous, positive, gentle, self-sacrificial, kind or thoughtful – you can notice it, smile and verbally praise the guy for that quality. God will use the admiration of a godly girl to help create more godly men! Actually, using admiration, building people up and affirming them would be something that would be good to practice across the board with all the people in your life. What a blessing your words can be!

2. SUBMISSION to God-given authority – Be sure that you are first of all submitting your heart, your desires and your will to Jesus! Be completely yielded to Him and hold nothing back from Christ. Have the attitude of Christ, “Not my will, but Yours be done!”

Submit your will to God-given authority over you – parents, teachers, bosses, church leaders, government… If you are still at home, be agreeable, cooperative and obedient to your parents, honoring their decisions. Practice submitting joyfully and cheerfully. Arguing, complaining, having a rotten attitude, whining and constantly questioning your parents’ decisions will not prepare you for having a peaceful marriage and dishonors God! Take this opportunity to learn how to submit respectfully to your parents, teachers, boss, police officers, and church leaders. Then you will be in the best position to follow your husband’s God-given leadership if you marry in the future and to handle his decisions gracefully when you don’t agree. But even more importantly, you will be honoring God and learning to submit to Him! That is something all believers need to be good at doing!  Ephesians 5:22-33, I Peter 3

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